A simple Petri net framework in Java. I had to write this for my studies and figured it might be helpful for someone.
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Petrinet in Java

This is a really simple Petrinet written in Java.

Here is an example on how to use it and display a it in a really simple and basic "gui".

package petrinet.gui;
import petrinet.logic.Arc;
import petrinet.logic.Petrinet;
import petrinet.logic.Place;
import petrinet.logic.Transition;
public class Alternating {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Petrinet pn = new Petrinet("Alternating");
        Transition t1 = pn.transition("t1");
        Transition t2 = pn.transition("t2");
        Place p1 = pn.place("p1", 1);
        Place p2 = pn.place("p2");
        Arc a1 = pn.arc("a1", p1, t1);
        Arc a2 = pn.arc("a2", t1, p2);
        Arc a3 = pn.arc("a3", p2, t2);
        Arc a4 = pn.arc("a4", t2, p1);