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##jPlayer with RTMP Support

Author: Robert M. Hall -

UPDATE 09/14/2012: The RTMP features of this fork have been pulled/merged into the main master repository here:

MAIN INFO - About this FORK - UPDATED: 09/26/2011

Forked from:

This fork of Jplayer adds in basic support for RTMP based audio and video steams.

See it in use at 

Added an example page showing video usage with "rtmpv" and the most recent jPlayer skin here:

( More examples coming soon... )

We are working to get it merged in with the master respository and branch that the author Mark J Panaghiston maintains here on GitHub.

Basic support and functionality is in place and working well, including some new advanced features.

Additional features listed in the RTMP_NOTES document will come over time.

Please feel free to try this out and post any notes/issues here in the forks issues section.


Version History:

UPDATE: 10/21/2011

1. Video is now functioning properly. Several bug fixes related to video over rtmp are now in place allowing it to function as expected.
2. Optimized the buffering settings to provide a dual-threshold buffering approach for recorded/ondemand RTMP streams, and standard non dual-threshold buffering for LIVE content where technically there may not be anything to buffer.

UPDATE: 09/29/2011

1. Additional fixes related to live streams having duration of 0 which was preventing some pause/play branching from executing. 
2. Fix for pausing of live streams (they are closed now instead).
3. Fixed an issue where a paused or closed stream is left pause/closed for 3600 seconds (1 hour) the default idle timeout for most FMS server, was generating an idle timeout event and a netconnection.close, which was causing the player to restart. Now short circuit that, and it properly closes netconnection, netstream, resets status and waits for a new play, or setMedia.

UPDATE: 09/27/2011

1. Changed buffering settings to leverage optimal settings for LIVE rtmp streams of mp3/aac content, the 80% use case of this player. (If using NellyMoser or Speex over live rtmp streams, the buffering should be 0 - need to come up with a setting to allow this to be overridden, or change based on the metadata received from FMS server)

UPDATE: 09/26/2011

1. Live RTMP buffering bug (allowed glitches due to incorrect bufferTime and bufferTimeMax settings) fixed.

2. Everything is now in sync with the master 2.1 repo as of today. Now only customlogging and new features remain. Need to test existing mp3/mp4 and video features, and rtmp based video, but expect they should be fine.

3. Fixed an bug caused by the 2.1 version of jquery.jplayer.js - the time and scrubbar wouldn't update after the initial setMedia call.

UPDATE: 09/23/2011

1. The main jquery.jplayer.js version 2.1 dated 09/1/11 has now been merged into this fork, the version #s it requires the SWF to report are still the older versions as those haven't been updated yet, but have also checked in a number of other changes in the ActionScript and SWF's.

2. Temporarily in a state of flux at the moment as I am debugging some issues with LIVE rtmp streams, and adding in a new logging methods via localConnection to pipe logs/debug output to a standalone Adobe AIR based helper app (will commit that source soon).

3. Need to merge in a few changes from the master from the AS3 files, and then they will be pretty much in sync again, and will consider sending a new push Request to Mark.

4. Added support for re-using existing netConnection if only the stream/file has changed

5. Added some workarounds for rapid successive setMedia requests

6. Added some tweaks for proper LIVE rtmp stream support (bufferTime and bufferTimeMax settings for LIVE streams)

7. Added in a new helper class to support sending log/debug info over localConnection to a companion helper app written in Adobe AIR. Will check in the sources for it shortly. At the moment many log and debugevents are commented out.

UPDATE: 09/21/2011
1. Jplayer 2.1 is available now - will be merging 2.1 with this fork and checking in some updates and bug fixes soon - hang tight..

UPDATE: 8/12/2011
1. Initil commit of RTMP support additions/changes.


jPlayer : HTML5 Audio & Video for jQuery - jplayer.og - UPDATE 09/14/2012: The RTMP features of this fork have been pulled/merged into the main master repository here:






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