Election candidates who have publically endorsed UBI
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Awesome Election UBI (Universal Basic Income) Awesome

A curated list of amazingly awesome candidates running for office on a UBI (Univeral Basic Income) platform.

This list contains a variety of resources on candidates for political office who have publicly endorsed UBI (Universal Basic Income). The goal of the list is to provide quick access to information on the breadth of political support for UBI (Universal Basic Income).

PRs welcome! To ease with verification, please include only one candidate per PR. The endorsement of UBI must be public, on the candidates website.

Always work in progress.


Party Type Location Year Source Notes
Basinkomstpartiet National political party, single-issue Sweden 2017 Covered in Basic Income News
Buendnis Grundeinkommen (Basic Income Alliance) National political party, single-issue Germany (DE) 2016 Covered in Basic Income News
Council of Europe, Parliamentary Assembly Intergovernmental organization Europe 2018 The case for a basic citizenship income (Doc. 14462), a non-binding resolution in favour of UBI passed 48/33/12 (in favour/against/abstention) Basic Income News coverage
Green Party of England and Wales National political party England and Wales, United Kingdom (UK) 2017 Citizens' Income included in Economy playform Covered on Basic Income News
Scottish Greens National political party Scotland, United Kingdom (UK) 2017 Economic policy playform includes Citizens' Income Covered on Basic Income News


Party platform

Party Location Year Source
The Opportunities Party (TOP) New Zealand (NZ) 2017 3-stage BI, including 18-23 program. Covered on Basic Income New

United States of America (USA)


Campaign Location Office Year Party Notes
Andrew Yang USA President 2020 Democrat Announced Feb 2018. Automation argument. NY Times, "The Robots Are Coming"


Campaign Location Office Year Party Notes
Brianna Wu Massachusetts MA-08 (Massachusetts's 8th Congressional District) 2018 Democrat
Kaniela Ing Hawaii HI-01 (Hawaii's 1st congressional district) 2018 Democrat


Campaign Location Office Year Party Notes
Zoltan Istvan California Governor 2018 Libertarian Financing state-wide UBI by leasing federal and state land

State Legislature

Campaign Location Office Year Notes
Owen Poindexter California CA-AD-15 (California Assembly, District 15) 2018 Concrete proposal for $100/month (rising to $400/month) funded by additional 2-3% progessive state income tax
Raquella Thaman California CA-AD-15 (California Assembly, District 15) 2018 Guaranteed minimum income. Local news


Campaign Location Office Year Result Notes
Ingrid LaFleur Detroit, MI Mayor (write-in) 2017 General election: <532/101,120. Write-in candidates not disaggregated. Source: Wayne County Clerk Write-in candidate

Party platform

Template Resolution in support of a Universal Basic Income: https://goo.gl/Fk3Qyw

Party Location Year Source
California Democratic Party California, USA 2018 2018 Platform: Labor, Economic Justice and Poverty Elimination
Green Party US USA 2016 IV. Economic Justice & Sustainability
Vermont Progressive Party Vermont, USA 2016 Resolution in Support of Universal Basic Income



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