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Awesome UBI (Universal Basic Income) Organisations Awesome

A curated list of amazingly awesome articles, websites and resources about UBI (Universal Basic Income).

This list contains a variety of resources, projects and organisations actively working on Univesal Basic Income. The goal of the list is to provide quick access to information on the breadth of projects in the UBI ecosystem.

PRs welcome! To ease with verification, please include only one project/organisation per PR.

For UBI-endorsing political candidates and politicians, see:

Always work in progress.


Org Location Founded Description Notes
Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) Global 1986 Runs Basic Income News, the most authorative source for current affairs on basic income, including fact checking mass media hype; Maintains list of regional and national affiliates.
Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBI-Europe) EU Advocate for the implementation of Basic Income in Europe and its recognition as a Universal Human Right
Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) Canada 2008 Maintains list of local Candian basic income chapters; Co-runs annual North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) conference with USBIG
US Basic Income Guarantee Network (USBIG) US December 1999 (Mostly) academic arm of US-based movement Maintains most extensive archive of basic income research, Discussion Papers; Publishes monthly NewsFlashes newsletter; Co-runs annual North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) conference with Basic Income Canada Network
Basic Income Action (BIA) US Local chapter based advocacy and outreach arm of US-based basic income movement Best place to find (or start) a US-based local chapter


Org Location Founded Description Notes
Group Income Global; Project of okTurtles Foundation 2015 Decentralized voluntary basic income for you and your friends. Works with any currency, fiat or crypto. Follow progress here to join prototype tests.
CirclesUBI Global; Berlin, Germany 2017 Blockchain-based personal currency with interlocking trust networks
Manna Global (EN) 2015 Blockchain-based digital currency for basic income. Re-branded from Grantcoin in Dec 2017.
Project Greshm Global; Boston, MA, United States 2018 USD-backed independent basic income system. In development since 2015.


Org Location Schedueled Release Description Notes
Basic Income Film Filming (US, Canada) Mincome (Spring 2018); Stockton (TBD) Short-stories and vignettes about basic income.
Bootstraps Film Production (NYC); Filming (12+ sites all over the US) Q1 2020 Upcoming documentary about basic income in the US, following 20 families for two years with a $1k/month basic income to answer the question of how ordinary Americans will empower themselves with a little economic security. $1k/month basic income for two years is the most geographical diverse basic income pilot in the US to date
Income Outcome Film Filming (US) TBD Documentary about the history of basic income, focusing on potential impacts on rural America.



Economic Justice

Org Location Founded Description Notes
Insight Center for Community Economic Development Oakland, CA UBI as an economic component of racial justice

Intergovernmental organization

Org Location Ideology Selected Works Notes
United Nations Development Programme, China Beijing,China Globalism White paper: Universal Basic Income: A Working Paper, A Policy Option for China beyond 2020? (2017)


Org Type Location Year Description Notes
Climate and Prosperity Carbon cap and dividend; Partial basic US, Federal Introduced 2009; On going as of 2018. Caps carbon emissions and distributes a quarterly dividend to every US resident with a social security number
FairTax Tax Reform; Partial basic US, Federal Introduced 1999; Ongoing as of 2018 Consumption tax prebate based on poverty line: ~$250/month/adult, ~$80/month/child Related to Negative Income Tax.

Thank Tanks

Org Location Ideology Selected Works Notes
Adam Smith Institute London, United Kingdom Neoliberal (formerly libertarian) White paper: Basic Income around the World: The unexpected benefits of unconditional cash transfers (2018); PDF
American Enterprise Institute Washington, DC, USA Conservative White paper: A budget-neutral universal basic income (2017)
Roosevelt Institute Washington, DC, USA Liberal White paper: Modeling the Macroeconomic Effects of a Universal Basic Income (2017)

Research, Academic


Journal Founded Description Notes
Basic Income Studies 2006

Private Foundation

Org Founded Description Notes
Y Combinator Research, Basic Income 2015 $1,000/month (up to five years), randomized controlled trial (RCT) in two US states Non-profit research arm of for-profit Y-Combinator, seed-stage venture capital.

Research Centre

Centre University Location Founded Description Notes
Stanford Basic Income Lab (BIL) Stanford University Stanford, California (Silicon Valley) February 2017

Transfers, Non-governmental


Org Location Founded Description Notes
GiveDirectly Headquartered in US; Cash transfers to Kenya, Uganda 2009 Charitable cash transfer for international aid

Mutual Aid

Org Location Founded Description Notes
Voluntary Basic Income US 2017 Non-governmental (partial) basic income via member-based income-sharing


Org Location Founded Description Notes
Mein Grundeinkommen Germany; Global July 2014 World's largest basic income raffle, with 150+ €1,000/month for one year basic incomes raffled and growing
My Basic Income US 2015 (presumed defunct as of 2018) Completed one $15k basic income raffle in 2016



To the extent possible under law, Ryan Harrison and contributors waive all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.