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| Cerberus Helpdesk(tm) developed by WebGroup Media, LLC.
| All source code & content (c) Copyright 2007, WebGroup Media LLC
| unless specifically noted otherwise.
| This source code is released under the Cerberus Public License.
| The latest version of this license can be found here:
| By using this software, you acknowledge having read this license
| and agree to be bound thereby.
| ______________________________________________________________________
* IMPORTANT LICENSING NOTE from your friends on the Cerberus Helpdesk Team
* Sure, it would be so easy to just cheat and edit this file to use the
* software without paying for it. But we trust you anyway. In fact, we're
* writing this software for you!
* Quality software backed by a dedicated team takes money to develop. We
* don't want to be out of the office bagging groceries when you call up
* needing a helping hand. We'd rather spend our free time coding your
* feature requests than mowing the neighbors' lawns for rent money.
* We've never believed in encoding our source code out of paranoia over not
* getting paid. We want you to have the full source code and be able to
* make the tweaks your organization requires to get more done -- despite
* having less of everything than you might need (time, people, money,
* energy). We shouldn't be your bottleneck.
* We've been building our expertise with this project since January 2002. We
* promise spending a couple bucks [Euro, Yuan, Rupees, Galactic Credits] to
* let us take over your shared e-mail headache is a worthwhile investment.
* It will give you a sense of control over your in-box that you probably
* haven't had since spammers found you in a game of "E-mail Address
* Battleship". Miss. Miss. You sunk my in-box!
* A legitimate license entitles you to support, access to the developer
* mailing list, the ability to participate in betas and the warm fuzzy
* feeling of feeding a couple obsessed developers who want to help you get
* more done than 'the other guy'.
* - Jeff Standen, Mike Fogg, Brenan Cavish, Darren Sugita, Dan Hildebrandt
* and Joe Geck.
* WEBGROUP MEDIA LLC. - Developers of Cerberus Helpdesk
die("Access denied."); // uncomment to test
require(getcwd() . '/framework.config.php');
require(DEVBLOCKS_PATH . 'Devblocks.class.php');
require(APP_PATH . '/api/Application.class.php');
// [TODO]: If this is our first run, redirect to the installer
// [JAS]: [TODO] Is an explicit init() really required? No anonymous static blocks?
$db = DevblocksPlatform::getDatabaseService();
$perf = NewPerfMonitor($db);
echo $perf->SuspiciousSQL(50);
echo $perf->ExpensiveSQL(50);
echo $perf->InvalidSQL(10);