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Notes for IRC.  This projects works for me.

<charon> minor catch of course is that you need to have the submodule checked out
<charon> if you want to do me a favour, send it to the git list... if you want to do me a big favour, shape it in the form of a patch that adds it as contrib/ or so
<RobertLaptop> I am assume they have to be both checked out and match the code.
<charon> no, they don't need to have the same revision checked out
<charon> they merely must have all the objects present
<charon> IOW, they need to be in a state from which you *could* check out the revision referenced in the supermodule
* boz has quit ()
<RobertLaptop> charon, ok that is good to know.  I am not a member of the git mailing list.
<charon> doesn't matter, you can still send it :)