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rm1 rm2 Kobo Clara HD Kobo Libra H20

opkg opkg opkg opkg opkg opkg opkg opkg

This repo contains applications for the remarkable tablet and kobo ereaders. See the README in each application's directory to learn more about it. The general purpose of rmkit is to make it easy to write and deploy new apps to eink devices.

NOTE: for remarkable2 support, rm2fb is required

Apps & Libaries


A low latency drawing app with procedural brushes


A minesweeper game for spending time between meetings and classes


A package manager for opkg built in bash + simple app script.


An app switcher for switching between apps on the remarkable that is compatible with draft-remarkable configuration files. Hold the middle button or swipe up the side of the display to bring it up.

NOTE: if you have trouble with swiping, tap the screen with your finger once and then swipe, this should help a bit.


A batteries included library for building remarkable apps. Read the documentation

simple app script

A simple markup language for building apps that follow the philosophy of unix pipes.


genie is a config based gesture launcher. specify gestures and actions and get gesturing!


lamp is a config based stroke injector, useful for injecting finger or stylus events.


bufshot saves the framebuffer into a png file, works for rm1 or rm2 (using rm2fb)


iago is an overlay for drawing shapes like lines, squares and circles.


rpncalc is calculator app that uses reverse polish notation and a stack for evaluation.


Wordlet is a clone of the popular wordle game


Dumbskull is a port of the games donsol and scoundrel. It's a dungeon crawl themed solitaire that uses a standard playing card deck.



An example of generating multiple animations using idle timers


A simple black/white drawing demo

input demo

An app with a keyboard input and range slider


rM via Toltec

The recommended way of installing the software in this repository is to use toltec - a free software repository for remarkable. Once opkg and the toltec repository are setup, use opkg install remux to get remux, for example.


NOTE: Only Kobo Clara HD and Libra H2O are supported

To install on Kobo devices, download KoboRoot.tgz and place it in KOBOReader/.kobo/ after mounting your Kobo reader. This will install remux and a few demo applications. To disable remux, remove KOBOReader/.adds/rmkit/enable_remux

Build Server

Binaries are generated on every push to this git repository and are hosted at

Building from source


Have ideas or want to code your own apps?

There's a list of app ideas just waiting to be built!. If you have ideas for new apps or features, please open an issue or get in touch :-D


  • libremarkable for reverse engineering remarkable IO
  • stb for image resizing and font rendering libraries