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Welcome E.T. Proxy Logs Checker [ETPLC].

Started a new Open Source project for Checking Proxy Logs with Emerging Threats Open rules.

It's a production ready version, all feedback is welcome.

Follow project on or or

Native Perl version and new version based on Python (v3 and v2) script.

The new initial version Splunk "Connector" with ETPLC project here.

The Elasticsearch "Connector" with ETPLC project here.

How it's work:

Before, check if you use last Emerging Threats Open rules on download page.

realtime: tail -f /var/log/messages | perl -f emergingall_sigs_snort290b.rules
realtime through syslog: tail -f /var/log/messages | perl -s -f emergingall_sigs_snort290b.rules
offline, cat /var/log/messages | perl -f emergingall_sigs_snort290b.rules

realtime: tail -f /var/log/messages | python2 etplc.py2 -f emergingall_sigs_snort290b.rules
realtime through syslog: tail -f /var/log/messages | python2 etplc.py2 -s -f emergingall_sigs_snort290b.rules
offline, cat /var/log/messages | python2 etplc.py2 -f emergingall_sigs_snort290b.rules

realtime: tail -f /var/log/messages | python3 etplc.py3 -f emergingall_sigs_snort290b.rules
realtime through syslog: tail -f /var/log/messages | python3 etplc.py3 -s -f emergingall_sigs_snort290b.rules
offline, cat /var/log/messages | python3 etplc.py3 -f emergingall_sigs_snort290b.rules

new option Category restrict Logs Checking,
if your Logs contains ProxyLogs use -c proxy, if your Logs contains WebServer use -c webserver, by default or without this option use any logs checking.

if you need debug, enable on command line: -d

if you run etplc script and you have this error:
aucun parser ne correspond au motif !!! ...
-> sorry etplc unrecognized your logs, please submit to the list.

Don't forget, for best recognize vulnerabilities, you need enable extra logs options like Referer/User-Agent/Cookie.

Etplc project recognize SSL Connect on your logs, if not please submit to the list.

Thx you Emerging Threats Open Community.

ETPLC script design on 3 parts:

- first load and convert Emerging Threats Open rules
- second parse Proxy Logs
- third matching ET_rules <=> Proxy_logs

You can follow ETPLC project on

Contact: / Twitter: @Rmkml

Etplc project src code are under the GPLv2.
A copy of that license is available at 

Follow @Rmkml