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;; add the first level subfolders of personal automatically
(prelude-add-subfolders-to-load-path prelude-personal-dir)
;; load modules
;;(defvar prelude-personal-modules-dir (concat prelude-personal-dir "modules/"))
;;(prelude-add-subfolders-to-load-path prelude-personal-modules-dir)
;; load vendor
;;(defvar prelude-personal-vendor-dir (concat prelude-personal-dir "vendor/"))
;;(prelude-add-subfolders-to-load-path prelude-personal-vendor-dir)
;; load themes
;; (defvar prelude-personal-themes-dir (concat prelude-personal-dir "themes/"))
;; (prelude-add-subfolders-to-load-path prelude-personal-themes-dir)
(require 'personal-packages)
(require 'personal-ui)
(require 'personal-core)
(require 'personal-editor)
(require 'personal-bindings)
(require 'personal-ruby)
;; start edit server only when in daemon mode and the edit-server lib
;; is found.
(if (and (daemonp) (locate-library "edit-server"))
(require 'edit-server)
;; activate desktop save mode and load a saved desktop if it exists
(if (not (daemonp)) (desktop-save-mode 1))