Companion notebook for the article "Practical Quantum Computing with Cirq."
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Practical Quantum Computing with Cirq

Companion notebook and code for the article "Practical Quantum Computing with Cirq."

Link to HTML version of the Article on Quantum Computing Report.

The notebook can also be viewed as a static webpage at this link using nbviewer.

Notebook Version

The notebook version of the article is hosted in this GitHub repository.

Online Version Using Binder

Run the notebook online at this link using Binder, a cloud platform for interactively executing Jupyter notebooks. Here, be sure to uncomment the lines in the notebook for installing Cirq since it's not natively installed on Binder.

Local Version Using Jupyter


In order to run the notebook, a working installation of Jupyter is required. Python 3 is required for Cirq. Instructions for installing Cirq can be found in the article or at the links to Cirq below.


Option 1: Clone the repository.

  1. Execute the following git commands at a terminal: git clone

cd cirq-overview/article/notebook 2. Open the notebook "cirq.ipynb" using Jupyter.

Option 2: Download the repository manually.

  1. Click the "Clone or Download" button. (Green, top-right.)
  2. Click "Download ZIP" in the dropdown menu.
  3. Locate the folder on your computer and open "article/notebook/cirq.ipynb" using Jupyter.

Links to Cirq