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Quantum computing bootcamp with Qiskit
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Quantum Computing Bootcamp with Qiskit

This repository contains materials for the MSU-IBM Quantum Computing Bootcamp with Qiskit (QCBQ). The event takes place Friday, October 18 through Saturday, October 19, 2019. The MSU-hosted website for the bootcamp is


The main contents of this repository are the tutorials. Each tutorial consists of a 30 minute presentation on a topic followed by a 45 minute hands-on programming activity with Qiskit. Slides (and potentially videos) of talks will be uploaded after they occur. The programming activity consists of a guided Jupyter notebook tutorial exercising concepts discussed in the presentations.

The four tutorial sessions are:

More details about the tutorials can be found at their respective locations. The talks directory also contains presentation materials for each tutorial.

Intended audience

The intended audience for this bootcamp is upper-level undergraduate students through post-doctoral researchers/professors with some experience in (Python) programming. Knowledge of quantum mechanics and linear algebra are helpful but not required. No knowledge of quantum computing is assumed.


The help directory contains brief instructions on the following topics:

Additionally, the following external resources may be helpful:

Exit survey

Please fill out the following survey to let us know your thoughts about the event and help us improve similar events in the future:

Exit survey

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