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Cobble: simple website management for busy people.


Cobble is a Perl program that will let you automatically manage your simple website. It works like this: you tell Cobble what directory your site’s pages live in, along with a few other little details like your preferred file extensions and so forth, and it does the rest and leaves you alone.

The default setup is very simple, but can be modified as needed. You write your own HTML, your own CSS, and manage your own directories of images and the like. Very little is dictated to you, which is good, as you will probably want to change things around to suit yourself. This is exactly as it should be.

Cobble was written with simplicity in mind, so as to be easily modifiable. It lives in a single file; it will work on cheap shared hosting with FTP access, as well as on a home server. It works on flat files (no databases required) and all you need is a reasonable version of Perl 5. No non-core Perl modules are used. Taint mode is enabled by default for security.


Cobble was written by an amateur, for free. It is therefore definitely buggy, and you probably shouldn’t use it at all. :-)

More seriously, its overall implementation is unsophisticated and limited in function. The CGI portion of the code itself isn’t beautiful, nor is the code dealing with files and directories. Subroutine names are descriptive in some places and not in others.

Currently, Cobble needs a fair bit of fit and finish work. HTTP error codes for non-existent pages aren’t there yet, among other things. There’s still lots to do, and a lot of it can be done by people with minimal Perl skills (which is a feature, I think).

Any offers of help, comments, advice, complaints and so on will be appreciated.

Finally, I leave the reader with this dictionary entry from :

cobbled, adj.

  1. (of a road surface) Laid with cobbles.
  2. Crudely or roughly assembled; put together in an improvised way, (as in “cobbled together”)