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;;; LOAD-MODULE: A portable Scheme module system.
;; +++ It could be nice to wrap this in syntax somehow (one
;; possibility shown below). However, I wasn't very happy with my
;; first attempt, so I'm reverting back to using a procedure for now!
;; (define-syntax load-module
;; (syntax-rules ()
;; ((load-module module ...)
;; (load-module* (quote module ...)))))
(define (load-module module)
;; Utilities
(define (take xs i)
;; List Integer -> List
(let loop ((xs xs) (ys '()) (i i))
(cond ((null? xs) (reverse ys))
((zero? i) (reverse ys))
(else (loop (cdr xs) (cons (car xs) ys) (- i 1))))))
(define (assoc* a as)
;; Symbol List -> List
(let ((val (assoc a as)))
(if val (cdr val) #f)))
;; Gensyms
(define *random-seed* 2718281828)
(define *random-constant* 31415821)
(define (random-integer n)
;; Integer -> Integer
(let ((answer #f))
(set! *random-seed*
(modulo (+ (* *random-seed* *random-constant*) 1) n))
(set! answer *random-seed*)
(define (gensym module sym)
;; Symbol Symbol -> Symbol
(let* ((i (random-integer 10000000000))
(num (number->string i))
(root "%--gensym")
(module* (symbol->string module))
(sym* (symbol->string sym))
(gensym (string-append root "-" module* "-" sym* "-" num))
(gensym* (string->symbol gensym)))
(define (namespace module sym)
;; Symbol Symbol -> Symbol
(let* ((module* (symbol->string module))
(sym* (symbol->string sym))
(namespaced (string-append module* "/" sym*))
(namespaced* (string->symbol namespaced)))
;; Parsing module definitions
(define (parse-module-definition tree)
;; List -> List
(let ((modname (cadr tree))
(exports (cdaddr tree))
(requires (maybe-parse-requires tree)))
(list (cons 'name (list modname))
(cons 'exports exports)
(cons 'requires requires))))
(define (maybe-parse-requires tree)
;; List -> List
(if (= (length tree) 3)
(let ((requires (cdr (cadddr tree))))
(define (parse-module-file file)
;; Pathname -> List
(with-input-from-file file
(lambda ()
(let ((code (read)))
(parse-module-definition code)))))
(define (get-module-name module)
;; List -> List
(assoc* 'name module))
(define (get-module-exports module)
;; List -> List
(assoc* 'exports module))
(define (get-module-requires module)
;; List -> List
(assoc* 'requires module))
(define (get-definition-name code)
;; List -> Symbol
(let ((val (cadr code)))
(cond ((symbol? val) val)
((list? val) (car val))
(else #f))))
;; Parsing project files
;; ++ This will probably go away and live in its own project at some
;; point. This code isn't used by anything else in the file. See
;; the relevant section of the notes file in this directory.
(define (parse-project-definition tree)
;; List -> List
(let ((project-name (cadr tree))
(modules (cdaddr tree)))
(list (cons 'name (list project-name))
(cons 'modules modules))))
(define (get-project-name project)
;; List -> List
(assoc* 'name project))
(define (get-project-modules project)
;; List -> List
(assoc* 'modules project))
;; Converting between module names and filenames
(define (module->source-file mod)
;; Symbol -> Pathname
(string-append (symbol->string mod) ".scm"))
(define (module->module-file mod)
;; Symbol -> Pathname
(string-append (symbol->string mod) ".mod"))
(define (file->module filename)
;; String -> Symbol
(define (find-char ch string)
(let loop ((looking-at #\space)
(chars (string->list string))
(i 0))
(if (char=? looking-at ch)
(loop (car chars)
(cdr chars)
(+ i 1)))))
(let* ((i (find-char #\. filename))
(xs (take (string->list filename) (- i 1)))
(mod (string->symbol (list->string xs))))
;; Code walking
(define (gather-defined-symbols module)
;; Symbol -> Alist
(let* ((module-file (module->module-file module))
(source-file (module->source-file module))
(module-definition (parse-module-file module-file))
(exports (get-module-exports module-definition))
(requires (get-module-requires module-definition)))
(with-input-from-file source-file
(lambda ()
(let loop ((code (read)) (exports exports) (internal-symbols '()))
(if (eof-object? code)
(list (cons 'internal-symbols internal-symbols)
(cons 'exports exports))
(let ((name (get-definition-name code)))
(if (member name exports)
(loop (read) exports internal-symbols)
(loop (read) exports (cons name internal-symbols))))))))))
(define (map* leaf-func tree)
;; Procedure List -> List
(cond ((null? tree) '())
((symbol? tree)
(leaf-func tree))
((char? tree)
(leaf-func tree))
((string? tree)
(leaf-func tree))
((number? tree)
(leaf-func tree))
((boolean? (car tree))
(cons (car tree)
(map* leaf-func (cdr tree))))
((or (symbol? (car tree))
(number? (car tree)))
(cons (leaf-func (car tree))
(map* leaf-func (cdr tree))))
(else (cons (map* leaf-func (car tree))
(map* leaf-func (cdr tree))))))
(define (tree-rewrite tree rewrite-proc)
;; List Procedure -> List
(map* (lambda (atom) (rewrite-proc atom)) tree))
(define (annotate-internal-symbols module internal-symbols)
;; List -> Alist
(let loop ((internal-symbols internal-symbols) (annotated '()))
(if (null? internal-symbols)
(let ((name (car internal-symbols)))
(if (equal? name #f)
(loop (cdr internal-symbols) annotated)
(loop (cdr internal-symbols)
(cons (cons name (gensym module name)) annotated)))))))
;; Main loop
(let* ((module-file (module->module-file module))
(source-file (module->source-file module))
(module-definition (parse-module-file module-file))
(requires (get-module-requires module-definition))
(symbols (gather-defined-symbols module))
(internal-symbols (assoc* 'internal-symbols symbols))
(annotated-internal-symbols (annotate-internal-symbols module internal-symbols)))
;; First, load the prerequisite modules, if any
(if (and (list? requires)
(not (null? requires)))
(let* ((module-name (symbol->string module))
(module-key (string-append "'(" module-name " . ")))
(display module-key)
(display requires)
(display ")")
(lambda (req) (eval `(load-module (quote ,req)))) requires)))
;; Next, load the actual code
(with-input-from-file source-file
(lambda ()
(let loop ((code (read)))
(if (eof-object? code)
(let ((code* (tree-rewrite code
(lambda (atom)
(if (member atom internal-symbols)
(assoc* atom annotated-internal-symbols)
(eval code*)
(loop (read)))))))))))
;; eof
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