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Style Guide

Follow these guidelines when editing the Texinfo-formatted version of the scsh manual.

The name of scsh

The name of scsh is lowercased, as with other shells such as bash. Please change all references to reflect this (except when occurring at the beginning of a sentence).

Scsh/Scheme 48 Records

Mentions of scsh record names or fields will use the `@code{}’ notation.


Procedure and macro names will be capitalized if they appear at the beginning of a sentence (a la SICP).

The acronym “VM” will be uppercased.

Procedure return values

All procedure definition blocks will show a return value, just like in the TeX version.

Book Titles

Book titles will use the `@emph{}’ command.

Miscellaneous Conventions

  • `filename’ is one word; `file name’ and `file-name’ will not be used except in procedure and variable names.
  • `whitespace’ is one word.
  • `char-set’ is the only acceptable usage other than “character set”.
  • Paragraphs are filled using `M-q’. Auto-fill-mode may have unexpected results on code examples.
  • Sections marked `Note’ use simple emphasis only on the first word.


UNIX (all caps) is a trademarked name, and should be denoted as such. An alternative would be to use the phrases/terms “UNIX-like”, “Unix”, “unix”, or something along those lines.