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# Scsh 0.6.7 Manual in GNU Texinfo Format
-This is a work in progress. Build it using the command
+This is the Scsh 0.6.7 manual, converted to the Texinfo documentation
+format. It builds cleanly with HTML, Info, and PDF output. This
+includes all function and variable indices.
- makeinfo --html --force scsh.texi
+During the conversion I've lightly edited the manual in places, with
+the following aims:
-The current status is that I've finally completed the main part of the
-work. Conversion to Texinfo is complete, modulo `makeinfo' build
+* Correct grammar and spelling
-In the process of doing the conversion, I've edited some sections
-*very slightly* in order to do the following:
+* Consistent use of terms (this is still underway; see the file
+ `')
-* Correct grammar and spelling errors
-* Use terms consistently (see the file `')
-* Get Texinfo to stop screaming (it insists you use parenthetical
- notes in specific ways, for example)
-* Use slightly more idiomatic English
+* Clean Texinfo builds

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