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Allows the plugin to handle things like: $("time").timeago({suffixAgo: ""});


This is working wonderfully, however today I noticed that the plugin is saying "yesterday ago" when I apply the suffixAgo.


It's too bad that this merge is not yet done !

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@rmm5t rmm5t referenced this pull request Mar 7, 2013

Runtime options #3

rmm5t commented Mar 7, 2013

Sorry for neglecting this project somewhat, but I'm on a kick to refocus efforts again while planning a 2.0 (rewrite) release. Meanwhile, If someone has the time to rebase this, I promise to get it into a 1.x release.


Here's a rebase/small rewrite of the patch, along with a test for using runtime settings.

rmm5t commented Aug 19, 2013

@dark-panda Your patch doesn't look like it touches $.fn.timeago which defeats the main point. Also, a full-fledged pull-request with the rebase would make it easier to collaborate.


Ah, whoops. I spent so much time getting inWords to work (which was what I needed for my use-case) that I skipped over that part. Give me a bit and I'll re-roll a better patch.


I've created a work-in-progress version of the patch at . I'm currently working on some issues with the refresh tests, although in general things appear to be working pretty well.

The patch allows you to do the following sorts of things:

// with action and settings
$('abbr#foo').timeago("init", { "strings": {"suffixFromNow": "foo" } });

// with just settings
$('abbr#foo').timeago({ "strings": {"suffixFromNow": "foo" } });

// additional settings for methods like `update`
$('abbr#foo').timeago("update", new Date(), { "strings": {"suffixAgo": "foo" } });

// via $.timeago
$.timeago(new Date(), { "strings": { "suffixAgo": "foo" } });

Once the tests are fixed up and extended and I'm sure everything is working correctly I can post a new pull request, but I figured I'd post the work-in-progress here to solicit some comments and maybe a bit of help with the refresh tests.


Any love for this @rmm5t ?

I'd bash it together myself but I see it's a bit behind the times with locales and such; plus you mentioned a rewrite which might be hidden from our eyes somewhere...

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