Another dateOnly option implementation, plus a minor ISO8601 parsing improvement #48

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Not sure if you want to pull this into the master or not, but I thought I should let you decide. Thanks for the original, it rocks!

cameron314 and others added some commits Dec 29, 2011

Enabled autodetecting date-only requirement
Having timeago display datediff and timediff was required on page. 
To provide this ability, the format of display is determined by the initial value.

The option to show dateOnly can also be controlled through timeago.settings
Merge pull request #1 from prasad83/master
Auto determine the need of Date + DateTime display.
Re-applied clobbered change after merge:
Made parsing account for timezone offsets that have no minute component (which is valid under ISO8601)
Enabled timezone conversion support (utc2local).
data-tz-change="utc2local" attribute on element will covert the specified time to Localtime.
This is a stop-gap implementation, it can be further improved.
Configure Timeago to work in UTCMode.
Enabled timeago computation reference UTC value (instead of Local timezone),
Control using the attribute "data-tz-utc" on DOM element.

XDate ( library is required at runtime.
Updated enhancement of UTC-to-Localtime support.
Updated enhancement of UTC-to-Localtime support in README.markdown
Merge pull request #2 from prasad83/master
[Pull request] Enhancement: Compute difference in UTC mode.
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