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Locale override examples for timeago

You can represent time statements in most western languages where a prefix and/or suffix is used.

The default case is to use suffix only (as in English), which you do by providing the suffixAgo and suffixFromNow settings in the strings hash (earlier versions of timeago used the deprecated ago and fromNow options). If present, they are used.

2 minutes [suffixAgo]
2 minutes [suffixFromNow]

In case you want to use prefix only instead of suffix (e.g. Greek), you provide the prefixAgo and prefixFromNow options in the strings hash and leave suffixAgo and suffixFromNow empty or null.

[prefixAgo] 2 minutes
[prefixFromNow] 2 minutes

For languages where you want to use a prefix only for future tense and prefix/suffix for past tense (for example swedish), you can combine the prefix and suffixes as needed.

[prefixAgo] 2 minutes [suffixAgo]
[prefixFromNow] 2 minutes
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