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maxframe provides the ability to maximize the emacs frame and stay within
the display resolution.
+## How You Can Help
+**If you like this project, please help. [Donate via Gittip][gittip] or [buy me a coffee with Bitcoin][bitcoin].<br>
+You can also [book a session with me on Codementor][codementor].**
+[![Book a Codementor session](][codementor]
+**[BTC][bitcoin]**: `1rmm5tv6f997JK5bLcGbRCZyVjZUPkQ2m`<br>
+[![Bitcoin Donation][bitcoin-qr-small]][bitcoin-qr-big]
+[gittip]: "Donate to rmm5t for open source!"
+[bitcoin]: bitcoin:1rmm5tv6f997JK5bLcGbRCZyVjZUPkQ2m?amount=0.01&label=Coffee%20to%20rmm5t%20for%20Open%20Source "Buy rmm5t a coffee for open source!"
+[codementor]: "Book a session with rmm5t on Codementor!"
## Usage
Example of lines to be added to your .emacs:

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