Plugin for rbenv that adds Rubinius 2.x support
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rbenv-rbx is DEPRECATED thanks to sstephenson/ruby-build@dbd8c71


This is a plugin for rbenv that fixes up your shims and sets your RBENV_COMMAND_PATH properly for use with Rubinius.


To install rbenv-rbx, clone this repository into your ~/.rbenv/plugins directory. (You'll need a recent version of rbenv that supports plugin bundles.)

$ mkdir -p ~/.rbenv/plugins
$ cd ~/.rbenv/plugins
$ git clone git://

Attribution and Genesis

This project was originally a fork of the rbenv-rbx_2.0.0-dev_fix rbenv plugin, but aims to automatically support all versions of Rubinius under rbenv instead of just 2.0.0-dev in 1.9 mode.

For more information, please review this thread on the underlying problem.


© 2012-2013 Collin Schaafsma, Ryan McGeary. Released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.