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Getting started

This site utilizes jekyll and compass heavily.

$ bundle install --path vendor

Code samples also rely on Pygments, so make sure that is installed. Here's how I do it on OS X, but there's more info on the jekyll wiki.

$ brew install python
$ pip install --upgrade distribute
$ pip install --upgrade pip
$ pip install pygments

Note: Immediately after installing python, be sure to add /usr/local/share/python to the PATH

export PATH="/usr/local/Cellar/python:${PATH}"


$ rake watch     # also the default task

This will build the site and automatically watch for file changes using FSSM. This also attempts to open the root of the site in your browser, but expects a virtual host to exist for local development. See the Rakefile for specifics.

Building once

$ rake build


$ rake publish

This assumes you have the proper ssh credentials, including the correct username in your ~/.ssh/config.

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