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" written by sklnd in July 2009"
" 2010.01.25 - modified by Scaevolus"
import time
from util import hook, timesince
def db_init(db):
"check to see that our db has the tell table and return a dbection."
db.execute("create table if not exists tell"
"(user_to, user_from, message, chan, time,"
"primary key(user_to, message))")
return db
def get_tells(db, user_to):
return db.execute("select user_from, message, time, chan from tell where"
" user_to=lower(?) order by time",
def tellinput(paraml, input=None, db=None):
if 'showtells' in input.msg.lower():
tells = get_tells(db, input.nick)
if tells:
user_from, message, time, chan = tells[0]
reltime = timesince.timesince(time)
reply = "%s said %s ago in %s: %s" % (user_from, reltime, chan,
if len(tells) > 1:
reply += " (+%d more, .showtells to view)" % (len(tells) - 1)
db.execute("delete from tell where user_to=lower(?) and message=?",
(input.nick, message))
def showtells(inp, nick='', chan='', pm=None, db=None):
".showtells -- view all pending tell messages (sent in PM)."
tells = get_tells(db, nick)
if not tells:
pm("You have no pending tells.")
for tell in tells:
user_from, message, time, chan = tell
past = timesince.timesince(time)
pm("%s said %s ago in %s: %s" % (user_from, past, chan, message))
db.execute("delete from tell where user_to=lower(?)",
def tell(inp, nick='', chan='', db=None, conn=None):
".tell <nick> <message> -- relay <message> to <nick> when <nick> is around"
query = inp.split(' ', 1)
if len(query) != 2:
return tell.__doc__
user_to = query[0].lower()
message = query[1].strip()
user_from = nick
if chan.lower() == user_from.lower():
chan = 'a pm'
if user_to in (user_from.lower(), conn.nick.lower()):
return "No."
if db.execute("select count() from tell where user_to=?",
(user_to,)).fetchone()[0] >= 5:
return "That person has too many things queued."
db.execute("insert into tell(user_to, user_from, message, chan,"
"time) values(?,?,?,?,?)", (user_to, user_from, message,
chan, time.time()))
except db.IntegrityError:
return "Message has already been queued."
return "I'll pass that along."