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a BAsic Thread-Modular Analyzer developped during an internship in the ANTIQUE team, at the ENS Ulm
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DISCLAIMER: This is a *prototype*. The code is *not clean*

This is the code a of BAsic Thread-Modular ANalyzer. It uses Abstract
Interpretation, and uses Ocaml, Apron/Bddapron, and was created during
an 8 weeks long Bachelor internship under the supervision of Antoine
Miné, in the ANTIQUE team, at the ENS Ulm. 

This code is (c) Raphaël Monat 2015, and is distributed under a GPLv3 licence.

== Dependencies ==
Easiest way to install: use OPAM, 

	opam init --comp 4.02.1
	opam install depext 

Then, follow the instructions given by 
        opam depext apron bddapron.2.2.3 conf-ppl menhir

After having installed the necessary packages, you can run
        opam install apron bddapron.2.2.3 conf-ppl menhir

Just clone the git depo, and run

== Paper ==

The paper related to this analyzer is ["Precise Thread-Modular Abstract Interpretation of Concurrent Programs Using Relational Interference Abstractions"](

== Examples ==

   ./batman.byte examples/bakery3.bat

== Input of the syntax ==

First declare variables and type of variables: `var bli:int, blu:bool;` (only two types, bool and int).
Then initialize variable using `initial` keyword: `initial bli == 0 and not blu;`.

A thread is declared as follows:
  thread T:
	your commands

T is just a string.
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