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// AppController.h
// Snapback
// Created by Steve Cook on 4/3/06.
// Copyright 2006 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
#import <ApplicationServices/ApplicationServices.h>
#import "BezelWindow.h"
#import "SRRecorderControl.h"
#import "SRKeyCodeTransformer.h"
#import "JumpcutStore.h"
#import "SGHotKey.h"
#import "DBSyncPromptDelegate.h"
@class SGHotKey;
@interface AppController : NSObject {
BezelWindow *bezel;
SGHotKey *mainHotKey;
IBOutlet SRRecorderControl *mainRecorder;
IBOutlet NSPanel *prefsPanel;
int mainHotkeyModifiers;
SRKeyCodeTransformer *srTransformer;
BOOL isBezelDisplayed;
BOOL isBezelPinned; // Currently not used
NSString *currentKeycodeCharacter;
int stackPosition;
// The below were pulled in from JumpcutController
JumpcutStore *clippingStore;
// Status item -- the little icon in the menu bar
NSStatusItem *statusItem;
// The menu attatched to same
IBOutlet NSMenu *jcMenu;
IBOutlet NSSlider * heightSlider;
IBOutlet NSSlider * widthSlider;
// A timer which will let us check the pasteboard;
// this should default to every .5 seconds but be user-configurable
NSTimer *pollPBTimer;
// We want an interface to the pasteboard
NSPasteboard *jcPasteboard;
// Track the clipboard count so we only act when its contents change
NSNumber *pbCount;
//stores PasteboardCount for internal Jumpcut pasteboard actions so they don't trigger any events
NSNumber *pbBlockCount;
NSDictionary *standardPreferences;
int jcDisplayNum;
BOOL issuedRememberResizeWarning;
BOOL dropboxSync;
IBOutlet NSButtonCell * dropboxCheckbox;
//@property(retain, nonatomic) IBOutlet NSButtonCell * dropboxCheckbox;
// Basic functionality
-(void) pollPB:(NSTimer *)timer;
-(BOOL) addClipToPasteboardFromCount:(int)indexInt;
-(void) setPBBlockCount:(NSNumber *)newPBBlockCount;
-(void) hideApp;
-(void) pasteFromStack;
-(void) fakeCommandV;
-(void) stackUp;
-(void) stackDown;
// Stack related
-(BOOL) isValidClippingNumber:(NSNumber *)number;
-(NSString *) clippingStringWithCount:(int)count;
// Save and load
-(void) saveEngine;
-(void) loadEngineFromPList;
// Hotkey related
-(void)hitMainHotKey:(SGHotKey *)hotKey;
// Bezel related
-(void) updateBezel;
-(void) showBezel;
-(void) hideBezel;
-(void) processBezelKeyDown:(NSEvent *)theEvent;
-(void) metaKeysReleased;
// Menu related
-(void) updateMenu;
-(IBAction) processMenuClippingSelection:(id)sender;
-(IBAction) activateAndOrderFrontStandardAboutPanel:(id)sender;
-(BOOL) dropboxSync;
// Preference related
-(IBAction) showPreferencePanel:(id)sender;
-(IBAction) setRememberNumPref:(id)sender;
-(IBAction) setDisplayNumPref:(id)sender;
-(IBAction) setBezelAlpha:(id)sender;
-(IBAction) setBezelHeight:(id)sender;
-(IBAction) setBezelWidth:(id)sender;
-(IBAction) switchMenuIcon:(id)sender;
-(IBAction) toggleLoadOnStartup:(id)sender;
-(IBAction) toggleMainHotKey:(id)sender;
-(void) setHotKeyPreferenceForRecorder:(SRRecorderControl *)aRecorder;
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