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Self-hosted DevOps monitoring toolkit

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Amon - developer friendly system monitoring and logging tool


Amon was designed with one goal in mind - to help you completely monitor your web applications.

1. System monitoring

When we deploy our web applications it's important to know how much server resources they use over time, so that we can improve and optimize them. With Amon you can monitor your CPU usage, RAM, average load, network interfaces and disk drives.

2. Process monitoring

Monitoring the whole system gives you a nice overview, but sometimes you need to monitor specific processes, like your database or server.

3. Language agnostic logging

4. Language agnostic exception handling


  1. Download the tarball and install the package with python install
  2. Copy the system info collect daemon contrib/amon/amon to /etc/init.d/amon
  3. Make it executable with sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/amon and then start the daemon with sudo invoke-rc.d/amon start

Installing Mongodb

Amon stores the system information in a Mongo database. In this section I will cover just the basics of how to install and run a mongo instance. You can find much more details at

  1. We need to create 3 directories for Mongo: -

    mkdir /usr/local/mongodb - the main directory
    mkdir /usr/local/mongodb/data - for the database
    mkdir /usr/local/mongodb/bin - for the mongo executables
    touch /var/log/mongodb.log - the mongodb log file
  2. Download Mongo from and copy the mongod file to /usr/local/mongodb/bin

  3. Copy the Mongo init script contrib/mongodb/mongodb.conf to /etc/init/mongodb.conf

  4. Start the database with sudo start mongodb


At it's core Amon is a web application. You can start it with python cherryd -i amon.web

And then open ( or your server ip address ) in your browser


Python 2.5+

pymongo >=1.1

CherryPy >=3.2

Jinja2 >=2.5


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