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description: An erratic precis of my work on the English Wikipedia, for those interested in personal things.
Over the more than 6 years I have worked on the [English Wikipedia](!Wikipedia), I have accomplished a great deal. Some might wonder what, exactly, but not want to dig through >100,000 edits. But even I don't remember everything I have done!
I've done my best to pull together a list of my major contributions; I've based it on the results from the [toolserver](!Wikipedia "Wikipedia:Toolserver"), specifically 2 of [Soxred](!Wikipedia "User:X!")'s tools which return lists of pages created and articles most edited for a user:
1. Most edited articles:
- [Marudubshinki](
- [Rhwawn](
- [Gwern](
2. Articles created:
- [Marudubshinki](
- [Rhwawn](
- [Gwern](
Those lists are unreliable, however. They are obviously incomplete; 'created' may be misleading, as I make many [redirects](!Wikipedia "Wikipedia:Redirect") which may be turned into an actual article by a later user (for example, I am credited with creating the valuable computer science article [green threads](!Wikipedia) when all I did was redirect that name to the main article on [threads](!Wikipedia "Thread (computer science)")). The most-edited listings are also misleading in the sense that a great many edits on a page may simply be undoing vandalism; I do not list [René Descartes](!Wikipedia) below because my dozens of edits there are just reverts and I do not feel reverts are a particularly valuable service. Article writing is. Some such articles are listed where I have watched them for many years and feel that my supervision has risen to the level of a major contribution.
Conversely, sometimes I have written articles offline and then added them as single giant edits with a few followup edits to fix formatting errors; such articles would not show up very highly on the most-edited list.
I am certain that some of the following entries are erroneous, and I have omitted some articles that should be included. But I have done what I can. I am especially proud of the highlighted articles such Medici bank, Brethren of Purity articles, and the Fujiwara no Teika article.
# History
- **[Medici bank](!Wikipedia)**
- [House of Medici](!Wikipedia)
- [Scharfrichter](!Wikipedia)
- [Joshua Roll](!Wikipedia)
- [Intercursus Magnus](!Wikipedia)
- [Francesco Sassetti](!Wikipedia)
- [Tommaso Portinari](!Wikipedia)
- _[Hamlet's Mill](!Wikipedia)_
# Philosophy/religion
## Islamic
- **[Brethren of Purity](!Wikipedia)**
- _[Encyclopedia of the Brethren of Purity](!Wikipedia)_
- [List of rasa'il in the Encyclopedia of the Brethren of Purity](!Wikipedia)
# Psychology
- [Rubin vase](!Wikipedia)
# Technology
- [Richard Stallman](!Wikipedia)
- [TOTSE](!Wikipedia)
- [Emacs](!Wikipedia)
- [Richard P. Gabriel](!Wikipedia)
- [Eric S. Raymond](!Wikipedia)
- [Clock of the Long Now](!Wikipedia)
- [Emacspeak](!Wikipedia)
- [BigTable](!Wikipedia)
- **[Google File System](!Wikipedia)**
- [Tritare](!Wikipedia)
- [Xft](!Wikipedia)
- [FRACTRAN](!Wikipedia)
- [Internet in Russia](!Wikipedia)
- [Hutter Prize](!Wikipedia)
- [Tamarin (JavaScript engine)](!Wikipedia)
- [Essjay controversy](!Wikipedia)
- [Buckminster Fuller](!Wikipedia)
- [WikiLeaks](!Wikipedia)
- **[Mycin](!Wikipedia)**
- [Chernoff face](!Wikipedia)
## Functional programming
- **[Lisp machine](!Wikipedia)**
- [Symbolics](!Wikipedia)
- [Xmonad](!Wikipedia)
- [Haddock (software)](!Wikipedia)
- [QuickCheck](!Wikipedia)
- [Pugs](!Wikipedia)
- [Darcs](!Wikipedia)
- [MapReduce](!Wikipedia)
- **[Finger tree](!Wikipedia)**
- [CLX (Common Lisp)](!Wikipedia)
- [Ratpoison](!Wikipedia)
- [Happstack](!Wikipedia)
- [Spice Lisp](!Wikipedia)
- [Vax Common Lisp](!Wikipedia)
- [CommonLoops](!Wikipedia)
- [Fold (higher-order function)](!Wikipedia)
- [Paul Graham (computer programmer)](!Wikipedia)
- [Haskell (programming language)](!Wikipedia)
# American
## History
- [World Finance Corporation](!Wikipedia)
- **[Guillermo Hernández-Cartaya](!Wikipedia)**
- [Alfred W. McCoy](!Wikipedia)
## Art
- **[Mark Lombardi](!Wikipedia)**
- [David Wright (poet)](!Wikipedia)
## SF
- _[Dune (novel)](!Wikipedia)_
- [R. A. Lafferty](!Wikipedia)
- _[Across the Sea of Suns](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Against the Odds](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Change of Command](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Path of the Fury](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Hunting Party](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Heirs of Empire](!Wikipedia)_
- _[In the Ocean of Night](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Winning Colors](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Rules of Engagement (novel)](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Once a Hero (novel)](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Prayers to Broken Stones](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Sporting Chance](!Wikipedia)_
- "[Orphans of the Helix](!Wikipedia)"
- _[Far Horizons](!Wikipedia)_
- _[The Armageddon Inheritance](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Mutineers' Moon](!Wikipedia)_
- _[The Book of Fantasy](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Hyperion (Simmons novel)](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Blue Wizard Is About To Die!](!Wikipedia)_
- _[The Man Who Never Missed](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Fourth Mansions](!Wikipedia)_
- [Gene Wolfe](!Wikipedia)
- _[The Iron Dream](!Wikipedia)_
### _Star Wars_
- [Palpatine](!Wikipedia) -(the early version was my pride and joy; it has since been dismembered)
- [Lightsaber combat](!Wikipedia)
- [General Grievous](!Wikipedia)
- [Revan](!Wikipedia)
- [Great Jedi Purge](!Wikipedia)
- [Darth Vader](!Wikipedia)
- [Star Destroyer](!Wikipedia)
- [Yoda](!Wikipedia)
- [Luke Skywalker](!Wikipedia)
- _[Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Dark Empire](!Wikipedia)_
- "Chronology of Star Wars" -(deleted)
- [Obi-Wan Kenobi](!Wikipedia)
- [Jedi Exile](!Wikipedia)
# Chinese
## Philosophy/religion
- **[Yunmen Wenyan](!Wikipedia)**
- _[The Book of Lord Shang](!Wikipedia)_
- [Legalism (Chinese philosophy)](!Wikipedia)
## Literature
- **[Hanshan (poet)](!Wikipedia)**
- [Shide (monk)](!Wikipedia)
- [Fenggan](!Wikipedia)
# Japanese
## Art
- **[Hiroshige](!Wikipedia)**
## History
- [Miyamoto Musashi](!Wikipedia)
- **_[Japan's Imperial Conspiracy](!Wikipedia)_**
- [Nakano School](!Wikipedia)
- [Sasaki Kojiro](!Wikipedia)
## Literature
- **[Fujiwara no Teika](!Wikipedia)**^[My Teika article bears a unique distinction: it is the only Wikipedia work on which I have profited (as opposed to the 3 stalkers I earned at various points), by selling it to the New World Encyclopedia (a [Moonie](!Wikipedia) encyclopedia).]
- **[Shotetsu](!Wikipedia)**
- [Fujiwara no Shunzei](!Wikipedia)
- [Ise no Taiu](!Wikipedia)
- [Lady Ise](!Wikipedia)
- [Lady Kasa](!Wikipedia)
- [Otomo no Sakanoe no Iratsume](!Wikipedia)
- [Princess Nukata](!Wikipedia)
- [Chikamatsu Monzaemon](!Wikipedia)
- _[The Battles of Coxinga](!Wikipedia)_
- _[The Love Suicides at Amijima](!Wikipedia)_
- _[The Love Suicides at Sonezaki](!Wikipedia)_
- _[The Uprooted Pine](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Kanadehon Chushingura](!Wikipedia)_
- [Shuhei Fujisawa](!Wikipedia)
- [Shunzei's Daughter](!Wikipedia)
- [Jakuren](!Wikipedia)
- [Komparu Zenchiku](!Wikipedia)
- [Donald Keene](!Wikipedia):
- _[Four Major Plays of Chikamatsu](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Travelers of a Hundred Ages](!Wikipedia)_
- _[The Pleasures of Japanese Literature](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Seeds in the Heart: Japanese Literature from Earliest Times to the Late Sixteenth Century](!Wikipedia)_
- _[The Tokyo Zodiac Murders](!Wikipedia)_
## Anime/manga
- _[Oh My Goddess!](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Serial Experiments Lain](!Wikipedia)_
- _Neon Genesis Evangelion_:
- **_[Neon Genesis Evangelion (anime)](!Wikipedia)_**
- [Neon Genesis Evangelion](!Wikipedia) (franchise article)
- _[The End of Evangelion](!Wikipedia)_
- _[Neon Genesis Evangelion (manga)](!Wikipedia)_
- [Asuka Langley Soryu](!Wikipedia)
- _[Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days](!Wikipedia)_
- [Hideaki Anno](!Wikipedia)
- [Gainax](!Wikipedia)
- _[Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honnêamise](!Wikipedia)_
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