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Got there. 2 women waiting for me - one young (undergrad? grad?) blackhair, nose-ring, short, reminded me a little of joan of arcadia; other one, more middle-aged, sort of russian looking brown hair, only a little shorter than me
As I walked up to Starbucks the younger one guessed me immediately - it was about 2:25 so I was 5 minutes early or late depending on how seriously they took the arrive-10-minutes-early thing. We briefly introduced ourselves and went to the main bank of elevators and waited. I mentioned I had already been there, she said she had heard from the nurses etc of it but hadn't known it was me. Eventually we got up, went down to the GCRC. interesting stuff in some exam rooms, one room had this sort of climbing harness hooked onto a metal frame. I rather wonder waht that was for, weighing people? exercising?
We went into another room, discussed a consent form (lots of saliva samples, a few blood draws from an IV left in the entire time, some interviews, questionnaires, and some sort of computerized testing), the payment ($100 if finished, and pro-rated if I chose to withdraw), and so on and so forth. I asked what genetic testing specifically was done, they weren't too clear (or I didn't understand the older doctor's explanation); the gist seemed to be that it might be all the way up to genomic sequencing. things were going chummy and wellr, the receptionist came in to set up the IV as I chewed on the cotton wad that was the first saliva sample. I had a big fencing bruise on my right arm, but apparently I can't write and have the IV, so it was to be the left. At this point, I mention (in response to a question? I'm not sure) that I had fainted once as a kid, they suddenly are all aflutter, asking how much I'm afraid of blood, and I say I'm sure because it's been so long, and then they are even more aflutter, the younger one apparently deeply concerned about informed consent and whether or not I'm afraid because if I'm stressed it might ruin the baseline blood sample, and after a great deal of discussion where my scrupulously accurate assuranes that I didn't think I was afraid failed to reassure them, eventually the nurse/phlebotomist suggests that this study be canceled and I try one of the others which do some blood draws but don't involve stress first. I'm sufficiently relieved by this suggestion that I think I was indeed fearful of the blood draw. Once I've welshed, things move along quickly: $12.50 is counted out for me (apparently we had spent around a tenth of the time allotted), my parking ticket is validated, I'm pointed to the receptionist handling the other study, and we head down. I feel more than a little guilty and joke about wasting their time, but the younger one tells me that it's best that I was honest about this before we had gone any further. (Doesn't help me much.)
Well, as I said, I was mostly interested in a new experience, and that it was. I would have predicted that I'd feel amused and satisfied with the money for no work, not that I'd feel a little guilty and ashamed.
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