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description: categorized list of articles
Topics are sorted by length; pages are sorted by quality.
# Philosophical
- [Culture is not about Esthetics](Culture is not about Esthetics "Aesthetically & economically, there is too much new art")
- [Terrorism is not about Terror](Terrorism is not about Terror "Terrorists act very irrationally from bang-per-buck POV")
- [Terrorism is not Effective](Terrorism is not Effective "More effective ways to kill = terrorists are stupid, or killing not most important thing to them")
- [Melancholy of Subculture Society](The Melancholy of Subculture Society "Internet links small groups, helping dissolve big groups; good, bad?")
- [Ontological pantheism](Ontological pantheism "Descartes's God is pantheism; a reductio ad absurdum of his ontology")
- [Bicycles and Rationality](Bicycles and Rationality "Meditation on akrasia using bicycle repair as example")
- [On Disrespect](On Disrespect "An attempt to reinvent classic theories of social interaction as expressions of power")
- [Justifications](Justifications "Philosophical fiction or a prose poem about suffering innocents and the theodicy")
- [Against The Miletians](Against The Miletians "Exploring consequences of material monism and conflict with observations")
- [An Abortion Dialogue](An Abortion Dialogue "Dialogue pointing out the difficulty of materialist objections to abortion.")
- [Simulation inferences](Simulation inferences "How big must be the computer simulating the universe? Not very.")
- [Colder Wars](Colder Wars "MAD will not work in outer space; pre-emptive strikes are nigh-guaranteed.")
- [Immoral Books](Immoral Books "Argument that texts are neither moral nor immoral as they require active interpretation.")
- [Isomorphisms](Isomorphisms "Investigating when two theories or representations *mean* the same things.")
- [Barratry](Barratry "Re-inventing anarcho-capitalism in a French context.")
- [On Stress](On Stress "Stoic meditation with reference to being homeless.")
- [Zen and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance](Zen and the Art of Bicycle Maintenance "Mechanical parts teach you that small things matter.")
# Computing
- [Haskell Summer of Code](Haskell Summer of Code "A retrospective of 5 years of SoC, w/lessons learned")
- [Choosing Software](Choosing Software "Criteria making software useful long-term & worth learning in detail")
- [Resilient Haskell Software](Resilient Haskell Software "Lessons learned about bitrot in Haskell software")
- [Evolutionary Licenses](Evolutionary Licenses "Game theory on BSD vs. GPL: partnership")
- [Copyright](Copyright "Copyright considered paradoxical, incoherent, and harmful")
- [The 3 Grenades](The 3 Grenades "CMU game connected to error coding theory")
- [Archiving URLs](Archiving URLs "Archiving the Web, because nothing lasts forever - pulling together all the previous archive tools.")
- [Wikipedia Archive Bot](haskell/Wikipedia Archive Bot "Haskell: archive Wikipedia with TagSoup and WebCite")
- [WP RSS bot](haskell/Wikipedia RSS Archive Bot "Archiving using Wikipedia Recent Changes RSS feed")
- [WP redirect generator](haskell/Redirect-bot.hs "Generating all possible capitalization permutations of Wikipedia titles; used with Pywikipedia")
- [Archiving GitHub](haskell/Archiving GitHub "Scraping & downloading Haskell-related repositories from GitHub")
- [Time-lock encryption](Self-decrypting files "How do you encrypt a file such that it can be broken after a date but not *before*?")
- [Bitcoin is Worse is Better](Bitcoin is Worse is Better "Bitcoin's long gestation indicates it is an example of the 'Worse is Better' paradigm")
- [Run Length Encoding](haskell/Run Length Encoding "Haskell: step by step refactoring to concision")
- _SICP_ [Introduction](sicp/Introduction "Links to various resources for SICP studying")
- _SICP_ [Chapter 1.1](sicp/Chapter 1.1)
- _SICP_ [Chapter 1.2](sicp/Chapter 1.2)
- _SICP_ [Chapter 1.3](sicp/Chapter 1.3)
- [John Nash on cryptography (1955)](/docs/1955-nash "Nash correspondence with the NSA proposing exponential difficulty as paradigm")
# Practical
- [N-back FAQ](DNB FAQ "A compendium of DNB, WM, IQ information")
- [Melatonin](Melatonin "Melatonin improves sleep, & sleep is valuable")
- [Modafinil](Modafinil "Prices and sources")
- [Spaced repetition](Spaced repetition "Efficient memorization (using Mnemosyne) & what it's good for.")
- [Nootropics](Nootropics "Notes on nootropics I have tried")
- [Drug heuristics](Drug heuristics "Bostrom's evolutionary heuristics & how they apply to nootropics")
- [Prediction markets](Prediction markets "My betting track record")
- [Zeo sleep tracking](Zeo "EEG recordings of sleep and my experiments with things affecting sleep quality or durations")
- [Are Sunk Costs Fallacies?](Sunk cost "Human and animal sunk costs often aren't, and sunk cost bias may be useful")
- [Girl Scouts & good governance](Girl Scouts and good governance "Cookie prices & tax filings as evidence of corporate inefficiency")
- [Charity is not about helping](Charity is not about helping "A simple cost-benefit analysis shows Folding@home is net harmful. And no one cares.")
- [The Silk Road](Silk Road "Visiting, ordering, and using the anonymous drug market Silk Road.")
- [Nicotine](Nicotine "On the benefits and lack of demerits of nicotine")
- [Console Insurance](Console Insurance "Back of envelope financial calculations: Warranties, fine; insurance, no!")
- [Life contract](Life contract "How I reinvented longevity insurance.")
- [Lifelogging](Lifelogging "Thoughts on uses and a categorization of said uses for lifelogging")
- [Wooden pillows](Wooden pillows "China & Egypt used wooden pillows; my recreations fail, though.")
# Fiction
- ["The Erl King"](fiction/The Erl King "Fairy tale tragedy, or, a lesson in courtesy and logic")
- ["The Ones Who Walk Towards Acre"](fiction/The Ones Who Walk Towards Acre "Short story on assassination markets")
- ["Missing Cities"](fiction/Missing Cities "3 short stories in the style of Italo Calvino's 'Missing Cities'")
- ['The Mulberry Tree'](fiction/The Mulberry Tree "Essay on writing & rewriting short tanka")
- ['The Snowbanks of Time'](fiction/The Snowbanks of Time "Essay on writing tanka on truth & lies")
- ['Dying Outside'](fiction/Dying Outside "Poem about ALS")
- ['Brave poem'](fiction/Brave poem "Poem on memory inspired by the anime 'Angel Beats!'")
- [Gene Wolfe's "Suzanne Delage"](Suzanne Delage "The many interpretations of a Wolfe story which remains a mystery.")
- ['Safecracker'](fiction/Safecracker "The thief of time gives us memories, the safecracker of hearts restores them")
- ["How the Panther got Black"](fiction/How the Panther got Black "Mythic short story in the vein of Kipling's Just-so Stories")
- ["The Palace of Wonders"](fiction/The Palace of Wonders "A Borgesian fable about the Caliph and the Koran.")
- ['Hybrid Rainbow'](fiction/Hybrid Rainbow "Poem about man & his machines.")
- [_Cloud Nine_](fiction/Cloud Nine "Unfinished fantasy/SF novel")
- ["Gilles Goullet, Author of _Blindsight_"](fiction/Menard "A parody of SF, the Internet, and Borges.")
- ["The Last Muezzin"](fiction/The Last Muezzin "Another tribute to Borges; you can be me when I'm gone.")
- ["The Buddha's Wheel"](fiction/The Buddha's Wheel "The enlightened is as one with cause and effect.")
- [_Dinosaur Comics_ comics](fiction/Dinosaur Comics "Comics using the format of Ryan North's Dinosaur Comics")
# Anime
- [The Melancholy of Kyon](The Melancholy of Kyon "Literary analysis: Haruhi is not God, Kyon is")
- [_Death Note_ Ending](Death Note Ending "Ambiguous ending means even the victor is unclear; who was right?")
- [_DN_: L, Anonymity & Eluding Entropy](Death Note Anonymity "Applied Computer Science: On Murder Considered as one of the Hard Sciences")
- [_Aria_'s past, present, and future](Aria's past, present, and future "On divining the esoteric truth of Neo-Venezia through holes in world-building.")
- [Anime criticism not about quality](Anime criticism is not about quality "Objectively, anime/manga better than American alternatives. So why the need to justify?")
- [Poems on the theme of _Genshiken_](Genshiken "Waka & haiku on Genshiken, clubs, & Comiket; allusions principally to Fujiwara no Teika & Shōtetsu")
- [_FMP_ parody](FMP parody "The unexpected critical depths to a single throw-away scene in 'Full Metal Panic!'")
- [ICON 2010 notes](ICON 2010 "Convention notes & memoir") / [ICON 2011](ICON 2011 "More convention memories")
- Takeda's [_The Notenki Memoirs_](docs/2002-notenki-memoirs "SF, conventions, anime, and GAINAX")
- [_NGE 2.0 Complete Records Collection_](docs/2010-crc "Translated interviews about making 'Evangelion 2.0' w/Anno, Higuchi, Enokido, & Tsurumaki")
- ["Conscience of the Otaking"](docs/1996-animerica-conscience-otaking "Interview of former Gainax president Toshio Okada on Gainax's history, Wings of Honneamise, Aoki Uru, etc.")
- ["Interview with Gainax translator Michael House"](docs/2011-house "On working for Gainax, Eva translations and censorship")
- [_NGE_ source anthology](otaku "Anthology of Gainax/Anno/Evangelion quotes, sources, references, and analyses")
# Wikipedia
- [In Defense Of Inclusionism](In Defense Of Inclusionism "The downwards deletionism spiral discourages contribution and is how Wikipedia will die.")
- [Wikipedia & Darkside editing](Wikipedia and Dark side editing "Cynical tactics encouraged by Wikipedia's abdication of thought known as 'No Original Research' and 'Reliable Sources'")
- [Wikipedia & Other Wikis](Wikipedia and Other Wikis "Network effects & benefits of gritting one's teeth & submitting to a Wikipedia's rules, rather than using Wikia or one's own site.")
- [Wikipedia & YouTube](Wikipedia and YouTube "Why Wikipedia and YouTube will never be integrated.")
- [Wikipedia & Knol](Wikipedia and Knol "Why Knol is worse than Wikipedia, has failed, and will continue to fail.")
- [Wikipedia resume](Wikipedia resume "An erratic precis of my work on the English Wikipedia, for those interested in personal things.")
# Personal
- [About](About "Site ideals; source & content; traffic; examples; license") / [Links](Links "Who am I online & what have I done? - Contact information; sites I use; things I've worked on")
- [My Mistakes](Mistakes "Things I have changed my mind about.")
- [TODO](TODO "Random things of interest which I may do at some point.") / [Notes](Notes "Misc. thoughts, memories, proto-essays, musings, etc.")
- [Book to-read list](Book reading list "A list of books I hope to read one day.") / [Tea have-drunk list](Tea "Teas I have drunk, with mini-reviews to guide my future purchases")
- [Yawgoog injustice](Yawgoog injustice "A short troubling incident of crime & punishment.")
- ["A Human Story"](fiction/A Human Story "The mutability of memory")
- [2005 Europe](2005 Europe trip "A week-long trip to England, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands with my French class.") / [2006 Cornell TKD](2006 Cornell TKD "Participating with RIT's taekwondo club in the 2006 Cornell tournament.") / [2011 San Francisco](2011 San Francisco "A month-long stay in San Francisco with my sister and the touristy things we all did.")
<!-- Not listed:
chernoff-faces (far from complete; need to write a Haskell library if this will ever go anywhere)
dune (merely notes)
education-is-not-about-learning (just excerpts from Philip Greenspun blog posts & SRS & sleep)
fog-gun (just excerpts from outside webpages; good for Practical section if I ever built one)
fiction/Before Dawn (poor poem)
fiction/Fragment (boring short dream)
fiction/Gryyfins Of The Word (incomplete short story)
fiction/Jaguars (not sure the conceit works)
homelessness (too personal and too much of a draft)
link-extractor.hs (utility script for use with `archiver`)
indian-logic (incomplete philosophy essay which needs to be completely rewritten to avoid Nicholson's objections)
komm-susser-tod (draft analysis)
korean (personal notes on getting Korean job)
library (just silly)
mls (personal notes on library schools)
mugging (incomplete philosophy essay)
on-overcoming-bias (not enough practical things to be worth the grandiose titles)
on-really-trying (still embryonic)
otaku-essay (way incomplete Evangelion article/monograph)
prediction-market-software (vague musings about personal calibration software, probably obviated by use of
presocratic-path-to-atomism (draft)
Recipes (just a few, not worth making public)
religion (the seed of an interesting essay on complexity and religion and mental states)
summer-2008, summer-2009 (not interesting to other people)
fiction/the-case-of-penpen (Eva fanfic; not sure I dare make this public...)
wittgenstein-thesis (not sure I say anything worthwhile about Zen and Wittgenstein here)
xmonad-advocacy (incomplete, probably missing many pros and cons; better on the Haskell wiki?) -->