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# Light wheat bread
- water: 1 ½ cups
- vegetable oil: 1 tablespoon
- honey: 3 tablespoons
- wheat 2 ¼ cups
- bread flour: 1 ¼ cups
- gluten ½ cups
- salt: ½ teaspoons
- yeast: 2 teaspoons
Mix all together well, and set bread machine for wheat, 2 pounds.
# No-knead bread
For background, see the [_New York Times_ recipe]( and [article](, the
[Breadtopia recipes](, and the
[_Cool Tools_ listing]( with discussion.
The neat things about no-knead bread is that it uses little yeast, (saving irksome trips to go buy more), regular old flour, and requires little more effort than mixing the flour with the milk and baking it in a pot for an hour. It's very easy and has decent results.
The plus side is that it's also cheap. ¼ tsp yeast is too cheap to calculate, as is the 1 ⅝ cup water or milk. Flour is about 50 cents a pound or 90 cents for high-quality [King Arthur Flour](!Wikipedia) [flour](; a bakery or commercial retailer like [Fairway Market](!Wikipedia) will easily run you 2$ per pound or more.
The recipe is simple:
1. Mix 3 cups of flour (white or wheat) with ¼ tsp yeast
2. Mix in 1 tsp salt
3. Mix in 1 ⅝ cups water or milk
4. Let it sit for 18 hours
5. Heat oven to 450° with a covered pot inside
6. Put bread mix inside pot and bake for half an hour
7. Remove lid and bake 15-30 minutes
In #7, I tend to the lower end with 15 or even just 10 minutes; a full 30 minutes leads a crust I find too thick & hard.
I diverge from the links in not using as much salt, and omitting the 'turning over 2 hours before-hand' step.
# Hot chocolate
# sour cream cheese cake
From _[The Joy of Cooking](!Wikipedia)_:
# creamcheese cake (?)
From _[The Fanny Farmer Cookbook](!Wikipedia)_:
# Graham-cracker Crust
For cheesecakes, from _The Joy of Cooking_:
# Leaf burger
See [my anecdote](notes#leaf-burgers).
# Links
- [Recipes for pressure-cooking](