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Tributary allows you to share live-editable code snippets. These snippets will
most likely use d3.js and allow a user to play with code in a very responsive

Tributary is innovation on principle, taking the excellent work of Gabriel
Florit which was in turn inspired by Bret Victor's genius and making it sharable.

Tributary is a labor of love by Ian '@enjalot' Johnson and EJ '@mrejfox' Fox.

If you want to make a script sharable you can simply paste it into a gist at and compose a tributary link like so:

where the number: 2165875 is the gist id 
(you can see it here: ) 

and the filename given to the gist is sinwaves.js

This was put together with great haste in order to allow people to share. As
such we haven't taken much care to structure this well. 

Build instructions:
npm install -d coffee
cd static
coffee -c

TODO: setup package.json and makefile

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