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Chef Cookbook to create init.d-scripts for unicorn webapps
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This chef cookbook provides a Lightweight Resources and Providers (LWRP) for dealing with unicorn apps and initd. For example when you have a bunch of deployed ruby apps with unicorn and your deploment is capistrano based. This LWRP allows you to easily create init.d services which get started on (re)boot, too.

This is pretty much customized of our current deployment schema but can be configured:


  • given an rails application named "piraten6"
  • given the user running the app is "webapp1"
  • given the capistrano current/releases-dir schema is used

Example 1:

unicorn_init 'piraten6' do
  user 'webapp1'
  apps_root '/home/webapp1/apps'

  # assumes app is deployed to /home/webapp1/apps/piraten6/current
  # assumes unicorn config in  /home/webapp1/apps/piraten6/current/config/unicorn/production.rb
  # uses sudo -u webapp1 -i (e.g. for rbenv, rvm)
  # assumes bundler-binstub for unicorn in /home/webapp1/apps/piraten6/current/bin/unicorn
  #   => capistrano for rbenv:
  #      set :bundle_flags,    '--deployment --quiet --binstubs --shebang ruby-local-exec'

=> Will create an /etc/init.d/webapp_piraten6 service and "service :enable" it (update-rc.d-insserv).

Example 2:

unicorn_init 'piraten6' do
  user 'webapp1' # example
  apps_root '/home/webapp1/apps'  # example
  environment 'production'  # default
  unicorn_name 'unicorn'    # default, change for e.g. unicorn_rails

  init_name 'webapp_piraten6' # calculated unless set, results in /etc/init.d/webapp_piraten6
  app_dir '/home/webapps/apps/piraten6'  # calculated unless set
  current_app_dir  '/home/webapps/apps/piraten6/current' # calculated unless set
  unicorn_path '/home/webapps/apps/piraten6/current/config/unicorn/production.rb' # calculated unless set


see resources/default.rb and provides/default.rb for more information/settings.

Template is templates/default/unicorn_init.erb. Based on the Ubuntu 12.04 /etc/init.d/skeleton template


Copyright (C) 2012 Moriz GmbH

Copyright (C) 2012 Roland Moriz

Licenses under the Apache 2.0 license, see bundled file LICENSE for the full text. Exception: Template unicorn_init.erb is licensed under the terms of Ubuntu 12.04 for /etc/init.d/skeleton probably GNU General Public License v2 or later.

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