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graphql graphql-ruby

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A Ruby implementation of GraphQL.


Install from RubyGems by adding it to your Gemfile, then bundling.

# Gemfile
gem 'graphql'
$ bundle install

Getting Started

$ rails generate graphql:install

After this, you may need to run bundle install again, as by default graphiql-rails is added on installation.

Or, see "Getting Started".


I also sell GraphQL::Pro which provides several features on top of the GraphQL runtime, including authorization, Pusher-based subscriptions and persisted queries. Besides that, Pro customers get email support and an opportunity to support graphql-ruby's development!


  • Implement the GraphQL spec & support a Relay front end
  • Provide idiomatic, plain-Ruby API with similarities to reference implementation where possible
  • Support Ruby on Rails and Relay

Getting Involved