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BatFire is a Firebase client library for batman.js. It's available in CoffeeScript, JavaScript, and minified JavaScript. BatFire offers:

Also see example security rules, the Jasmine spec suite or an example app.


  • Get the files:

    Install with Bower:

    bower install batfire

    Or, download BatFire in a form of your choice: CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Minified JavaScript

  • Load the files:

    Be sure to include BatFire after you include Firebase and batman.js. For example:

    <script src='/path/to/firebase.js'></script>
    <script src='/path/to/batman.js'></script>
    <script src='/path/to/batfire.js'></script>
  • @syncsWithFirebase("your-app")

    For example,

    class MyApp extends Batman.App
      @syncsWithFirebase "my-firebase-app-name"

    will sync with


BatFire.Storage implements the Batman.StorageAdapter interface, so you can pass it to @persist in your model definition. (Learn more about BatFire.Storage)

For example:

class App.Sandwich extends Batman.Model
  @resourceName: 'sandwich'
  @persist BatFire.Storage
  @encode "meats", "tomato", "lettuce"

Now, all the storage operations of your records will trigger updates on Firebase:

blt = new App.Sandwich(meats: ["bacon"], lettuce: true, tomato: true)    # => BLT will appear for all clients!
blt.get('id') # => "-JELsmNtuZ4FX6D5f_Ou" and the like
blt.destroy() # => BLT will be gone from all clients!

App.Sandwich.find "-JELsxaWRqaDlDZJHw3y", (err, record) ->
  record.get('name') # => 'Reuben'

Items added, removed, and changed on Firebase will be propagated to all connected loaded sets.

App.Sandwich.get('all') # => starts listening for new sandwiches on Firebase, adds them to `Sandwich.loaded`
App.Sandwich.clear() # => clears the loaded set, stops listening for new sandwiches


BatFire provides a lightweight wrapper around FirebaseSimpleLogin. (Learn more about authorization)

You define providers in your app definition:

class App extends Batman.App
  @authorizesWithFirebase('github', 'facebook')

There are also view helpers:

<div data-showif='loggedIn'>
  <span data-bind='currentUser.username | prepend "Welcome, " | append "!"'></span>
  <button data-event-click='logout'>Log out</button>
<div data-showif='loggedOut'>
  <button data-event-click='login | withArguments "github"'>Log in</button>


If your app syncsWithFirebase and authorizesWithFirebase, you can get some out-of-the-box features on your models, too. (Learn more about belongsToCurrentUser)

Call this inside a model definition:

class App.Sandwich extends Batman.Model
  @belongsToCurrentUser(scoped: true, ownership: true)
yourSandwich.get('hasOwner')              # => true
yourSandwich.get('isOwnedByCurrentUser')  # => false
yourSandwich.get('created_by_uid')        # => "github:123456"


App.syncs binds keypaths on your app to Firebase so that if they're updated on client, the updates are pushed to the others:

class App extends Batman.App
         # key...            # optional: constructor name for loading from Firebase, relative to App
  @syncs 'sandwichOfTheDay', as: "Sandwich"

(Learn more about App.syncs)

To do

  • Allow custom function for generating IDs
  • shorthand App.syncsWithFirebase(key, {authorizes: authArguments})


  • npm install
  • tests: npm run-script spec
  • build: npm run-script build

License: MIT