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Django ORM Intro

Setup Instruction

The structure of the whole Django project is built for you. Run the following commands in order to have your local environment up and running.

$ mkvirtualenv -p $(which python3.5) django_orm_intro
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

You can now run the development server and point the browser to the correct URL:

$ make runserver

You will have a superuser already created (username: admin, password: admin). To log in run the server and point your browser to http://localhost:8080/admin, (or on C9: http://django-orm-relationships-<your c9 username> There you can find the Django admin site where you will be able to view, create, delete and modify objects from your database.

The database already contains some objects that we have created for you, but feel free to interact and have fun with it.

Your Tasks

For this practice you will work inside the artists/ file where you'll find a series of functions that you need to implement, using the different ORM methods that are provided by the Django objects manager. Each of the tasks has its instructions as a docstring, so use those and the tests as a guide to know what you have to do.

In order to check if you implemented them correctly, there are tests associated to each task inside the artists/ You can run the tests like this:

$ make test
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