Simple Java EE CDI Crud example
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Simple Java EE CDI Crud example.

Build Status (Travis CI) Coverage

cdi crud

Available at Openshift

You can access the project online at Openshift PaaS:

See also CDI Crud REST API.

How run it:

The are many ways to run this application:

Via maven
mvn clean package

and deploy to a JavaEE server

Via wildfly-swarm
mvn wildfly-swarm:run -Pswarm
docker run -it -p 8080:8080 rmpestano/cdi-crud

The application is available at http://localhost:8080/cdi-crud

Running tests:

  • Via maven:

    mvn clean test -Ptests -Pwildfly-managed
  • Or via IDE: activate container profile in your IDE and Run||CrudRest|CrudAt as Junit test


  • CDI

  • JSF

  • Hibernate

  • Primefaces/AdminFaces

  • Deltaspike

  • Arquillian

  • Cucumber

  • DBUnit

  • JaxRS

  • Swagger

  • Openshift

Application servers

Tested under:

  • Wildfly 8.x

  • with minor efforts(mainly persistence configurarion) should run on other JavaEE 7 application servers

Forge plugin

if you use JBoss Forge 1.x (soon on forge 2) you may have a look at this plugin which generates Crud in the format you see at this project.