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Stingray Document Aligner

Stingray logo

Stingray is a document aligner designed to assist professional translators in the production of translation memories from existing translated material.

Translation memories in TMX or TAB delimited format generated by Stingray can be used in most modern CAT (Computer Aided Translation) programs, including Swordfish.

TAB delimited files created by Stingray can be opened in Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers without special configurations.

Align Two Word Files


Stingray is available in two modes:

  • Source Code
  • Yearly Subscriptions for installers and support

Source Code

Source code of is free. Anyone can download the source code, compile, modify and use it at no cost in compliance with the accompanying license terms.

You can subscribe to Maxprograms Support at and request peer assistance for the source code version there.


Ready to use installers and technical support for Stingray are available as yearly subscriptions at Maxprograms Online Store.

The version of Stingray included in the official installers from Stingray's Home Page can be used at no cost for 7 days requesting a free Evaluation Key.

Subscription Keys cannot be shared or transferred to a different machine.

Subscription version includes unlimited email support at

Differences sumary

Differences Source Code Subscription Based
Ready To Use Installers No Yes
Notarized macOS launcher No Yes
Signed launcher and installer for Windows No Yes
Associate app with .algn extension No Yes
Restricted Features None None
Technical Support Peer support at - Direct email at
- Peer support at



  • Checkout this repository.
  • Point your JAVA_HOME environment variable to JDK 17
  • Run ant to compile the Java code
  • Run npm install to download and install NodeJS dependencies
  • Run npm start to launch Stingray

Steps for building

  git clone
  cd Stingray
  npm install
  npm start

Compile once and then simply run npm start to start Stingray