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XLIFF Manager

XLIFF Manager logo

An open source UI for OpenXLIFF Filters. OpenXLIFF is a set of programs that let you:

  • Create XLIFF 1.2 and 2.0 files that can be translated in any modern CAT tool.
  • Convert your translated XLIFF files to original format with a couple of clicks.
  • Validate XLIFF files created by any tool. Validation is supported for XLIFF 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0.
  • Produce an HTML file with word counts and segment status statistics from an XLIFF document.

XLIFF Manager on Windows 10


Version Comment Release Date
4.0.1 Updated electron library to version 18.0.2 April 6th, 2022
4.0.0 Updated OpenXLIFF to 2.0.0 March 29th, 2022
3.7.0 Updated OpenXLIFF to 1.17.2 February 25th, 2022
3.6.0 Updated OpenXLIFF to 1.17.0 December 1st, 2021
3.5.0 Improved updates downloader and updated libraries November 16th, 2021
3.4.0 Updated OpenXLIFF to 1.14.0; updated libraries October 3rd, 2021
3.3.0 Updated OpenXLIFF to 1.13.0 September 2nd, 2021
3.2.0 Updated libraries; fixed automatic downloads of Apple M1 installer July 4th 2021
3.1.0 Updated libraries June 18th, 2021
3.0.0 Redesigned UI; updated OpenXLIFF May 5th, 2021
2.7.0 New check for updates dialog; Improved XLIFF validation February 3rd, 2021
2.6.1 Improved support for Trados Studio packages; improved conversion to/from XLIFF January 1st, 2021
2.6.0 Added support for SRT subtitles and Adobe InCopy ICML November 25th, 2020
2.5.1 Fixed JSON encoding and import of XLIFF matches November 1st, 2020
2.5.0 Added support for JSON files October 1st, 2020
2.4.1 Fixed support for TXLF files and improved XML catalog handling September 5th, 2020
2.4.0 Allowed conversion of 3rd party XLIFF and improved support for XLIFF 2.0 August 26th, 2020
2.3.0 Upgraded OpenXLIFF and TypeScript; updated layout and theme handling August 14th, 2020
2.2.0 Upgraded OpenXLIFF, TypeScript and Electron June 12th, 2020
2.1.0 Improved entity resolution in catalog manager; added XInclude to default XML catalog April 25th, 2020
2.0.1 Updated libraries used in binaries April 17th, 2020
2.0.0 Added light & dark themes; implemented support for Trados Studio packages April 3rd, 2020
1.8.0 Migrated source code to TypeScript January 28th, 2020
1.7.0 Major code cleanup; Changed segmentation model for XLIFF 2.0 January 1st, 2020
1.6.0 Added support for XLIFF files from WPML WordPress Plugin December 2nd, 2019
1.5.0 Added menu and improved DITA support September 22nd, 2019
1.4.2 Fixed merge errors in XLIFF 2.0; several minor improvements August 14th, 2019
1.4.1 Improved performance generating XLIFF 2.0 with embedded skeleton; wait for server to be ready befor opening UI July 26th, 2019
1.4.0 Added option to automatically open translated files; allowed selection of default SRX file July 17th, 2019
1.3.3 Updated to OpenXLIFF Filters 1.3.3 July 5th, 2019
1.3.2 Implemented check for updates May 5th, 2019
1.3.1 Updated to OpenXLIFF Filters 1.3.1 April 30th, 2019
1.3.0 Allowed selection of DITAVAL files, added export as TMX, added default settings dialog April 23rd, 2019
1.2.1 Improved validation of XLIFF 2.0 April 6th, 2019
1.2.0 Added Translation Status Analysis March 3rd, 2019
1.1.0 Implemented XLIFF validation November 20th, 2018
1.0.0 Initial Release November 12th, 2018

Supported File Formats

With XLIFF Manager you can create XLIFF for all formats supported by OpenXLIFF Filters:

  • General Documentation
    • Adobe InCopy ICML
    • Adobe InDesign Interchange (INX)
    • Adobe InDesign IDML CS4, CS5, CS6 & CC
    • HTML
    • Microsoft Office (2007 and newer)
    • Microsoft Visio XML Drawings (2007 and newer)
    • MIF (Maker Interchange Format)
    • OpenOffice / LibreOffice / StarOffice
    • Plain Text
    • SDLXLIFF (Trados Studio)
    • SRT Subtitles
    • Trados Studio Packages (*.sdlppx)
    • TXML (GlobalLink/Wordfast PRO)
    • WPML XLIFF (WordPress Multilingual Plugin)
    • XLIFF from Other Tools (.mqxliff, .txlf, .xliff, etc.)
  • XML Formats
    • XML (Generic)
    • DITA 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3
    • DocBook 3.x, 4.x and 5.x
    • SVG
    • Word 2003 ML
    • XHTML
  • Software Development
    • JavaScript
    • JSON
    • Java Properties
    • PO (Portable Objects)
    • RC (Windows C/C++ Resources)
    • ResX (Windows .NET Resources)
    • TS (Qt Linguist translation source)


You can get ready to use installers of XLIFF Manager for Windows, macOS and Linux from



Source code of XLIFF Manager is free. Anyone can download the source code, compile, modify and use it at no cost in compliance with the accompanying license terms.

You can subscribe to Maxprograms Support at and request peer assistance for the source code there.



  • Checkout this repository.
  • Point your JAVA_HOME environment variable to JDK 17
  • Run ant to compile the Java code
  • Run npm install to download and install NodeJS dependencies
  • Run npm start to launch XLIFF Manager

Steps for building

  git clone
  cd XLIFFManager
  npm install
  npm start

Open in Visual Studio Code