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Real-Time Reinforcement Learning

This repo is accompanying our paper "Real-Time Reinforcement Learning" (

Traditional Reinforcement Learning              Real-Time Reinforcement Learning

Getting Started

This repo can be pip-installed via

pip install git+

To train an RTAC agent on the basic Pendulum-v0 task run

python -m rtrl run rtrl:RtacTraining

Mujoco Experiments

To install Mujoco you follow the instructions at openai/gym or have a look at our dockerfile. The following environments were used in the paper.


To train an RTAC agent on HalfCheetah-v2 run

python -m rtrl run rtrl:RtacTraining

To train a SAC agent on Ant-v2 with a real-time wrapper (i.e. RTMDP in the paper) run

python -m rtrl run rtrl:SacTraining Env.real_time=True

Avenue Experiments

Avenue (Ibrahim et al., 2019) can be pip-installed via

pip install git+

To train an RTAC agent to drive on a race track (left image) run

python -m rtrl run rtrl:RtacAvenueTraining

Note that this requires a lot of resources, especially memory (16GB+).

Storing Stats

python -m rtrl run just prints stats to stdout. To save stats use the following instead.

python -m rtrl run-fs experiment-1 rtrl:RtacTraining

Stats are generated and printed every round but only saved to disk every epoch. The stats will be saved as pickled pandas dataframes in experiment-1/stats.


This repo supports checkpointing. Every epoch the whole run object (e.g. instances of is pickled to disk and reloaded. This is to ensure reproducibilty.

You can manually load and inspect pickled run instances with the standard pickle:load or the more convenient rtrl:load. For example, to look at the first transition in a SAC agent's replay memory run

import rtrl
run = rtrl.load('experiment-1/state')
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