More Env Vars and Support for more queue options #2

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fukawi2 commented Jan 11, 2012

A few enhancements to extent the functionality of these tools.

fukawi2 added some commits Jan 11, 2012
@fukawi2 fukawi2 amqpsend: allow persistence to be set via env var
Enables support for amqpsend to set message persistence utilizing the
environment variable "AMQP_PERSISTENT". Valid arguments for AMQP_PERSISTENT
are '1' (no persist) and '2' (persist). Any other value will cause amqpsend to
exit with non-zero status. Also adds the command line argument --no-persistent
to allow command line override of environment.
@fukawi2 fukawi2 amqpspawn: allow queue to be declared as passive, exclusive or durable
Adds support to amqpspawn to allow queue to be declared as passive,
exclusive and/or durable using either command line options, or
environment variables.
@fukawi2 fukawi2 amqpspawn: allow queue name to be set by environment variable
Ability to set the remote queue name via the AMQP_QUEUE environment
variable. Functionally the same as other env vars such as AMQP_HOST,
@fukawi2 fukawi2 amqpspawn: minor fix for binding exclusively to the queue dacaabe
@fukawi2 fukawi2 remove usage of some magic numbers f00bace
@fukawi2 fukawi2 amqpspawn: allow binding without requirement for acknowledgement
Use the --no-ack flag to consume messages without the server waiting for
an ack message.
@fukawi2 fukawi2 amqpspawn: option to limit the number of messages to receive
Adds an option (--number/-n) to limit the number of messages an instance
of the program will accept from the server. Also adjusts the prefetch
limit on the connection to 10 by default, changing to the user specified
value if supplied. WARNING: Using --number option with --no-ack is VERY
likely to cause data loss when connecting to a server with queued
(persistent) messages. If you care about this, do NOT use the --no-ack
@fukawi2 fukawi2 cleanup of whitespace 90374df
@fukawi2 fukawi2 remove use of magic number on amqp channel number 8174cba
@fukawi2 fukawi2 added install notes file for redhat/centos 367b60d
@rmt rmt merged commit b943000 into rmt:master Jan 25, 2012
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