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README For Project Eyes-Free

1 Introduction

This directory contains source code for various eyes-free applications for the Android platform — see For The Blind, Technology Does What A Guide Dog Can’t, NYTimes, January 4, 2009. It will also contain supporting code and libraries for services such as Text-To-Speech (TTS).

For demos of various Eyes-Free projects, please visit our YouTube Channel.

Or better yet, go to Android Market on your G1 and try these apps out for yourself.

2 Initial Setup

  1. Download and setup the Android SDK.
  2. Checkout the source code for the Eyes-Free project.
  3. If you are building with Eclipse:
    • File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace.
    • With “Select root directory:” selected, browse to the root of your SVN directory.
    • Select the Eyes-Free projects you wish to import into your Workspace.
    • Click Finish.
    • For each of the projects, right click, Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries and then fix any broken paths by pointing them at the “commonlibs” directory.

    If you are building with Ant:

    • Go to the “tools” subdirectory of the Android SDK.
    • For each project you wish to build, run this command: :android update project –path /path/to/fooproject –target 1

3 Build Instructions

If you are building with Eclipse: These projects are built like any other Android project. Hit the run button, choose “Android Application” in the “Run As” screen, and you’re done.

If you are building with Ant: Each of these eyes-free applications can be built with a simple command-line of the form:

:ant <build type>

where <build type> is “debug”, “release”, “install”, “reinstall”, or “uninstall” without quotes.

The most common types are “reinstall” (build with debug key and automatically install on your device/emulator, overwriting any older version that may exist) and “release” (build an unsigned apk which you can sign with your own key and put on Market).

Thus, to build the Talking Dialer and automatically install it,

cd talkingdialer
ant reinstall

4 List Of Eyes-Free Applications

Each application is found in its own sub-directory.

memThe Android Memory Gameandroidsays
BraillerDemo of using the touchscreen for Braille inputbrailler
Common LibraryJars used by all applicationscommonlibs
CompassTalking Compasscompass
Eyes-Free ConfigConfiguration manager for the Eyes-Free suite of applicationsconfig
DocumentationThe documentation directory - contains example appsdocumentation
Native CodeThe native code for the text-to-speech servicenative
RandroidRandom xkcd comic viewer that can read the comic aloudrandroid
Remind MeTalking alarm that uses stroke dialer input to set the time and the user’s own voice note for the alarmremindme
Eyes-Free ShellAlternative eyes-free homescreenshell
Slide TextDemo of using stroke dialer for text entryslidetext
Talking DialerTalking dialer app that uses stroke dialing for eyes-free usetalkingdialer
ThereLocation marking/way finding appthere
Third PartyThird Party Code and Datathirdparty
Text-To-Speech ServiceThe text-to-speech service that generates synthesized speechtts
Utility ClassesUseful Java utility classes that can be reused by multiple projectsutils
WhereAboutLocal information appwhereabout
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