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Adding my talk to the website
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@@ -59,17 +59,15 @@ <h3 class="ug-info triangle-border left">
working on using the upcoming standard.
- <div class="speaker empty">
- <h3>Free Slot</h3>
- <h5>This slot could be yours!<br/>Submit your talk now.</h5>
- <p>
- You did some crazy stuff with Javascript? You want to show it to the community?
- Then you should <b>give a talk at Berlin.JS!</b>
- </p>
+ <div class="speaker">
+ <h3>Lightweight client-side development with Brunch</h3>
+ <h5>
+ Jan Monschke
+ <a href="">@thedeftone</a>
+ </h5>
- Drop us a line on your topic as @-reply on <a href="" title="BerlinJS on
- Twitter">Twitter</a> or via the <a href="" title="BerlinJS
- Mailinglist">mailinglist</a>.
+ Jan will show us <a href="">Brunch</a>, a framework
+ that helps developing complex client-side applications using CoffeeScript and Backbone.js.
<div class="speaker empty">

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