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-= Bloody jQuery Plugins =
+# Bloody jQuery Plugins
A small collection of useful functionality available by default in Dojo, though useful in plain-ole-JavaScript context.
-== hitch.js ==
+## hitch.js
Advanced scope manipulation in jQuery. For jQuery 1.3 and before, as 1.4 the official "way" to accomplish this is via $.proxy ... New versions of this module _may_ curry arguments, giving it an advantage over proxy. The Dojo version currently curries arguments.
-== pubsub.js ==
+## pubsub.js
Ambiguous communication plugin. Small API surface. Publish some message to listeners.
-== date.js ==
+## date.js
Date functionality for jQuery, living in the $.date namespace. Provides date.add,, date.difference, and a few other small utility functions. Ignore the word `dojo` in the source. By way of JavaScript _magic_ it is actually a _jQuery_ plugin. I promise.
-= License =
+# License
Being stolen directly from the Dojo Toolkit source, these plugins are released under a dual AFL/BSD license identical to Dojo proper. See for more information.

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