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[a|d] means "autobots" or "decepticons"
/game/start begins play
/game/new creates a new game
/game/reset ends the game and destroys all bot instances
/game/pause pauses play; bots remain intact
/game/end game over
/team/[a|d]/attack attack the opposing team; bigger results, bigger risk
/team/[a|d]/defend defend; can't cause much damage, but won't take much either
/team/[a|d]/transform change state; bots in docile state can't attack but are hard to damage
/team/[a|d]/retreat run; can't cause any damage, won't take much either; costs some health
/team/join team joins a game
/status/request bots and teams listen here for status requests; respond on /ping
/ping/team controller listens here for teams to send updates
/ping/bot controller listens here for bots to send updates
/bot/join bot joins the game
/bot/die bot leaves the game
/bot/msg bot says something