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Home of Toura Mulberry, tools and a framework for quickly producing cross-platform mobile applications using Javascript, HTML, CSS, and PhoneGap

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Getting Started

Mulberry is supported on:

  • OSX Snow Leopard and Lion
  • Windows 7 64-bit via Cygwin
  • Ubuntu 11 64-bit (other Linux distros ought to work, although you'll have to install the necessary pre-requisites by hand if you don't use apt)

You should read the relevant README for your operating system in the install directory.

Getting Support


  1. Read install/<your_operating_system>/ for details on dependencies for your operating system. The installation process takes care of as much of this as possible, but some dependencies may need to be installed manually before the installation scripts will work.
  2. Download the latest release, or clone the repository into a directory of your choosing:

    git clone

  3. Once you have the code, cd to the mulberry directory, and run the following command:

    source ./


Mulberry uses rvm and bundler to install all the necessary components into the Mulberry directory itself. To uninstall, simply rm -rf the mulberry directory then run rvm implode to remove rvm (unless you wish to keep it, of course).

You'll also need to edit your shell profile (typically ~/.bash_profile) to remove the $PATH entry that the installer added.

Developing Apps

Supported Mobile Platforms

Mulberry currently supports the following mobile platforms:

  • iOS4 and above on iPhone and iPad
  • Android 2.2 and above on Phone only

Mulberry apps have been shown to run on WebOS, although not bug-free.

Mulberry does not currently support Windows Mobile or BlackBerry in any version.

There are additional requirements for each platform:

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