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RequireJS dist

This directory contains the tools that are used to build distributions of RequireJS and its web site.

When doing a release, do the following:

  • Update files to the new version number:
    • require.js
    • docs/ check for nested paths too, add new release section
    • pre.html
  • Update integrated jQuery versioned-builds:
    • Save a built jQuery to build/jquery
    • Make sure to apply changes from previous converted jQuery to new one via examining diffs.
    • Be sure to add /** * @license to the jQuery license block so that it survives google closure compiler.
    • Update build/jquery/ and to reference the new version of jQuery.
    • Update dist/ to reference the right jQuery file.
  • Commit/push changes

  • Tag the tree:

    • git tag -am "Release 0.0.0" 0.0.0
    • git push --tags

Now pull down the tagged version to do a distribution:

  • git clone git:// requirejs-dist
  • cd requirejs-dist
  • git checkout 0.0.0
  • cd dist

Run the distribution tasks.

To generate the web site:

  • java -jar ../build/lib/rhino/js.jar dist-site.js

To generate a build

  • ./ 0.0.0

When done, reset versions to:

  • 0.0.0+ in require.js
  • X.X.X in pre.html
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