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13 seconds: Attribute vs. ID selectors in jQuery


{% codeblock lang:javascript %} // select all elements with an id or name attribute of fieldName; // some are inputs (name attribute), some are td's (id attribute) var $field = $('#' + fieldName + ', [name=' + fieldName + ']'); {% endcodeblock %}


{% codeblock lang:javascript %} // give inputs both a name and an id attribute, // and then just select fields and td's via id var $field = $('#' + fieldName); {% endcodeblock %}

Savings: 13 seconds over the course of selecting > 100 elements. Thank god for Firebug's profiler, which pointed me to the problem in a few seconds. Attribute selectors in jQuery are handy, OK, but they don't seem to work for large-scale selections.

A side note: vim made the HTML change easy, once I worked through its quirky regexp syntax which requires you to escape the +:

{% codeblock %} s/name="([^"]+)" /name="\1" id="\1" /g {% endcodeblock %}

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