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I have discovered a use for Dreamweaver's design view (no really)

I just got a request to edit a static page that showed several of a company's employees. Turns out that a bunch of them aren't employees anymore, and the client wanted the page to be updated. I knew before I even opened it that the content was going to be in tables (nested nested tables, in fact), and that rearranging it would be a giant pain.

Dreamweaver design view to the rescue. This thing was made for tables, and in no time I was able to delete what needed to be deleted and rearrange the remaining employees without leaving empty table cells. I didn't need to navigate nasty table HTML, and I didn't have to worry about accidentally deleting a crucial td that would bring the page to its knees. A quick preview in the browser verified that no harm had been done in my brief foray into design view, and the job was done.

Let it be said: Design view is evil and awful; it seeks to make front-end development accessible to people who have no business going anywhere near front-end development. But it's a good tool to have in the toolbox when you're faced with editing a table-based page, even if you just use it to find your bearings in the mess of tags.

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