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Introducing yayQuery -- A jQuery podcast

yayQuery 1.0 from yayQuery on Vimeo.

If you'd like a download: mp3 audio (30mb), mp4 video (94mb), ogg video (61mb), Vimeo

In this our first episode of the official yayQuery Podcast, Paul Irish, Adam J. Sontag, Alex Sexton and I stayed up way too late on Monday night and had ridiculous amounts of fun talking about:

  • Underscore.js, the new functional programming JavaScript library.
  • The demise of Thickbox (and some good, modern alternatives).
  • Using (or not using) jQuery for mobile development.
  • Paul Irish's antipattern of the week: css(key, value)
  • $var vs. var (Hungarian Notation)

Perhaps because it was so late when we finished, there was also chair dancing. Make sure you don't miss it, but don't fast-forward to the end or you'll miss the good stuff.

This is our first try with this, and who knows what will become of it, but we're very grateful for any and all feedback. You can find us on Twitter @yayQuery, or on the #jquery IRC channel. Enjoy!

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