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This app searches Flickr and Youtube for content based an a search term entered by a user. It is intended as a demo of techniques for building client-side apps. It uses a variety of technologies, including:

Running the app

  1. Install node. You can follow the instructions here, or use Homebrew on a Mac: brew install node.
  2. Run npm install from the root directory of this project to load the dependencies.
  3. Copy server/config.js.example to server/config.js and update with your API key(s) if you'd like. Currently, only the Youtube search will work without a key.
  4. To run the development server: node bin/dev
  5. Visit the app in your browser.

Running the tests

When the development server is running, you can run the tests here.

Building the app

You will need to have RequireJS installed:

npm install -g requirejs

Then, from the root of the project, run the following commands:

r.js -o
r.js -o cssIn=assets/css/srchr.css out=prod/assets/css/srchr.css

You can run the built version of the app by running:

node bin/server


  • Make it possible to favorite items
  • Make it possible to tag favorites
  • Incorporate other content sources
  • Use grunt
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