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Workshop: Writing Testable JavaScript


You will need to use the command line to install the dependencies for this project. See the section below on accessing the command line if you need help.

Note that you may need to perform some of these steps as an administrator. On OSX and Linux, you can run commands as an administrator by prefixing them with sudo and then typing in your password when prompted. On Windows, you will need to launch the cmd.exe program as an administrator.


You will need to install Node.js v0.8.8 or newer to use this repo (you can also use a package manager). You can verify that Node is installed correctly by running node --version from the command line.


Once you have Node installed, run npm install from the root directory of this project to install the dependencies.


Install grunt by running npm install -g grunt.


See the PhantomJS section here for details on installing PhantomJS.

Running the Code and Tests

  • To run the tests: grunt test
  • To run the server: node server

Running Specs

The specs in this repo are for demonstrating how you can use Selenium to write integration tests. You don't need to run them, but you can if you want to.

The specs make use of Ruby, so if you want to run them, you will need to have Ruby ~1.9.3 installed. You will also need to gem install bundler and then bundle install from the root directory of this project.

Once you have Ruby, bundler, and the required gems, you can run grunt spec to run the specs.

Accessing the command line


Open cmd.exe (From the Start Menu, search for "cmd"). When installing npm modules globally, you may need to "Run as administrator," which you can do by right-clicking the cmd name in the programs list.


Open in /Applications/Utilities.

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